POTD: Let The Darkness Come

    Today’s Photo Of The Day is the SAKO TRG M10 and its new cousin Sako TRG22A1 next to it.

    One rifle is using the Steiner M5Xi with the MSR2 reticle.

    The other one has the Schmidt & Bender 3-27 with MSR2 reticle and Aimpoint T-2 red dot.

    The TRG A1 is equipped with the original Sako TRG bipod and Finnaccuracy’s bipod adapter.

    Sound Suppression delivered by Ase Utra (Finland).

    Both rifles are using Spuhr QDP mounts (quick detach) and Hensholdt NSV – Let the Darkness come!


    I am really jealous, these setups looks so nice.


    Thanks to Finnaccuracy for letting us use the photograph.