NEW StingerWorx “Hunter” 30 Caliber Suppressor

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    StingerWorx has introduced a new 30 caliber suppressor called Hunter. It is based on their Emperor suppressor design but unlike the latter which is a full-auto rated one, the Hunter is designed for use with bolt action rifles. It has a lighter and simpler design and it is also more affordable.

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    The baffle stack of the Hunter suppressor is a self contained unit and can’t be disassembled to separate baffles. However, the baffle stack assembly can be easily removed from the suppressor for cleaning and maintenance or for replacement with a new one in case of a damage or should you need to upgrade the can with baffle stacks of different designs that StingerWorx plans to introduce in future.

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    The overall length of this suppressor is 8″. It has 1.74″ and 1.5″ diameters at the rear blast chamber and front baffle stack portions respectively. The Hunter is also lighter than its siblings. It weighs 9.2 oz which is about 4 oz lighter than the Emperor in the standard configuration.

    The Hunter suppressor can be either mounted to the rifle via 5/8×24 or 1/2×28 direct thread adapters or you can use it with the StingerWorx Emperor Muzzle brake which has external threads allowing to mount the suppressor over it. The materials used in this suppressor are 7075 aluminum and 6AL-4V titanium. The finish applied to the can is Cerakote of Burnt Bronze and Sig Dark Gray colors.

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    Another advantage of this suppressor is its relatively low price. Compared to the Emperor, the Hunter uses an aluminum tube (which is good enough for the applications it is designed for), it doesn’t come in a case (can be ordered separately), and lacks the Over the Barrel Expansion Chamber (OBX) system that allows adding a reflex extension on Emperor suppressors. The result of all these simplifications is that the Hunter has an MSRP of $575, which is about half the price of Emperor silencers.

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