New Extreme Laser Range Finder: Safran Vectronix Terrapin X Rangefinder

Eric B
by Eric B

Knowing the distance to your target is the key to success, especially if you are a target shooter. Without that knowledge you will have difficulties knowing where to aim in terms of height, and on top of that you have other factors like the wind.

As sniper rifles, ammunition, optics and, not least, shooters develop their skills into infinity there is always need for the range finders to reach out further as well.

Safran Vectronix AG, from Heerbrugg in Switzerland, knows this and have developed a new extreme laser ranger finder for Long Range and Extremely Long Range users.

With the Terrapin X you can measure up to 3 280 yards or 3 000 meters. That is definitely further than the majority of people can shoot (at least if they’re trying to aim and not just shooting up in the air).

Vectronix, Safrangroup, TPNX, Dornbirn


The new Vectronix Terrapin X is all-in-one solution for LR or ELR shooters. It meets or exceeds all modern needs, even for the most demanding users.

  • Fully rubber armored, 1/4 camera thread as standard feature
  • Superb ranging capability: 2000m for small objects, 3000m for large objects
  • Premium optical system: largest 28mm monocular objective with 8x magnification
  • Class 1 eyesafe laser – unlimited safe use for professionals, hunters and precision shooters
  • 905 Nm laser, tight beam divergence
  • Electronic compass and inclinometer for uphill/downhill compensation
  • Manually adjustable declination for true north
  • Electronic aiming mark with night/twilight mode
  • Water and shockproof: 1m / 30min, 100G / 6ms shock proof
  • CR123 3V lithium battery: >4000 measurements
  • Bluetooth 4.1LE / LiNK -protocol supported for external ballistic devices and calculators: distance, inclination and azimuth sent for ballistic solution automatically – excellent ballistic accuracy instantly

There is a built-in compass which enables the LRF to calculate various distances.

For instance the LRF can calculate the height or length of a building, or the distance between two objects. That is pretty cool and something I’d like to play around with.

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Unmatched 8× magnification for extreme range measurements and a 28 mm front objective lens for maximum light gathering and highest resolution.

Measurable ranges up to 3,280 yards/3,000 meters and beyond through precision laser technology – class I eye-safe.

The LRF uses one 3V CR123 battery, which suffices for 4 000 measurements without Bluetooth and for up to 1,500 measurements with Bluetooth activated.

Vectronix, Safrangroup, TPNX, Dornbirn

The housing made from rubberized and reinforced plastics, which provides solid protection from water, dust and drops.

YouTube: “Get maximum performance for your adventure with the TERRAPIN X, dedicated to extreme long range shooting.”


Sniper’s Hide also has a YouTube First look at the Terrapin X.

Below: There are free iPhone and Android apps available. You get wireless communication between your TERRAPIN X mobile app and your KESTREL.

You can see the technical data below. In case it’s too small please check this PDF.

Does it have a price? Do you dare to ask?

Yes, you read the magic word “Switzerland” above so you knew this wasn’t going to end on the cheap side didn’t you?

The list price for the Safran Vectronix Terrapin X Rangefinder p/n 914734, according to, is USD 1 999. Finnaccuracy have them for € 2 085, including 24% VAT, but also offer export prices without VAT.

On the other hand it’s only moderately priced verus the Steiner M-Series Laser Range Finder, but it will definitely measure longer than you can shoot unless you’re using rockets or artillery.

You can find the HOMEPAGE for Terrapin X here, and discover more.

What do you think? Is the Terrapin X a premium Laser Range finder that you would consider or not?

Personally, I use my Leica Geovid which I had a few years. It reaches up to about 1 200 meters, verified, and it’s a great tool when hunting or target shooting into the previously unknown.

Note: In a few days we will run a test with the Terrapin X. We are also going to review the Zeiss Victory PRF Laser Rangefinder (Victory 8×26 T* PRF) in the near future.

Eric B
Eric B

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