More bolt shrouds from Sterk Shooting

    Sterk Shooting from Australia have a double release for shooters who are looking to upgrade their Tikka T3 / T3x rifles.

    The products are the Sterk ULTRALIGHT Titanium Shroud and the Sterk Tikka TRG Style Titanium Shroud.

    Earlier this year we wrote about their Generation 2 Tikka T3x upgrades from Sterk. I have since both ordered and received these upgrades and only just installed them on my own Tikka TAC A1. I haven’t had time to shoot my rifle yet with these upgrades, but they look and feel great so far. There will be a review once I had enough time to come to a conclusion.

    The news from down-under reads:

    These 2 new designs will be available in the next machining batch for the same price as other Titanium Gen1 and Gen2 Shrouds ($105AU).

    The TRG Style shroud is great for those wanting to build a TRG Clone or Trainer rifle (especially with a KRG Bravo or Whiskey/Xray Chassis).

    The ULTRALIGHT Shroud is the lightest design possible and comes in at just 21 grams! (0.74 ounces)

    The TRG Style shroud weighs 24.7grams (0,87 ounces).

    The shrouds may be light, but the stock part isn’t exactly heavy either. This upgrade is purely for material and looks, in my opinion.

    Below: Tikka T3 with Sterk Shooting TRG Style Titanium Shroud, and a Spuhr mount.


    Showing off the Sterk TRG Style Titanium Shroud a bit more, perfect for those KRG Bravo/Whiskey/Xray owners, or those after something different.

    As with mine, the end result looks really good. I went with Sniper Grey with my Gen 2 shroud (not pictured). I had some issues getting my bolt handle shroud to let go of the bolt, as the Finns seem to keep very tight tolerances. After a while I was finally able to get it off and replace the stock handle with Sterks swept handle, totally worth it.

    Tactical Works seem to have some of their products on stocks, check here.

    You can also contact Sterk Shooting directly via Facebook.

    Eric B

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