Wooden Gun Replica Maker Komatsu Factory Visits FB Radom

    Komatsu at radom

    Komatsu and his family pose with FB Radom staff (MilMag)

    Taisei Komatsu, the man behind Komatsu Factory’s impressive wooden gun replicas, has been hosted by FB Radom enjoying a tour of the factory and getting some time behind the company’s weapons.

    Komatsu’s work gained attention when his highly detailed wooden replicas of various modern military firearms were widely shared around the internet earlier this year. Our very own Nick C wrote up a great article showcasing Komatsu’s work in April. Several of the guns made by Komatsu are designs from FB Radom’s including the conventional and bullpup MSBS variants. He crafted a very detailed model of the MSBS which could be fully stripped, cycled and even load a magazine. The manufacturer learned of this and in March sent him some FB Radom merch before, in July, inviting him and his family to visit their factory in Radom.

    Komatsu and his family travelled to Poland from Japan at the beginning of the month, our friends over at MilMag were present during Komatsu’s visit to the factory and have shared some great photos of the occasion.

    During the visit Komatsu gifted a specially made model of the MSBS to Adam Suliga, FB Radom’s president, along with a replica wz. 35 Vis pistol.

    Komatsu at radom

    Komatsu gifts FB Radom one of his models of the MSBS (MilMag)

    On the 1st August, Komatsu Factory shared some photos on his facebook page showing off the special MSBS replica he made for FB Radom’s president.

    In return Suliga gave Komatsu an engraved bayonet in a presentation case. Following a lunch Komatsu and his family were given a full tour of the factory showing off Radom’s newly modernised workshops and machinery. The party was then given the opportunity to fire some of the company’s weapons including an MSBS, a wz. 96 Beryl, a Mini-Beryl, the 7.62N MSBS DMR rifle, PM-06 submachine gun and a wz. 35 Vis pistol.

    Komatsu's wooden replicas with the real thing

    Komatsu’s wooden replicas (of an MSBS and a Wz.35 VIS) next to the real things (MilMag)

    Komatsu at radom

    Taisei Komatsu gets to put some rounds through a real MSBS (MilMag)

    In addition to his FB Radom models Komatsu has made replicas of other firearms including AKs, FN SCARs, Barrett M82, Japan’s service rifle the Type 89, the HK MP7 and numerous pistols including the Smith & Wesson M&P. You can check out his facebook page here.


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