Spike’s Tactical New Spartan AR-15

    Spike’s Tactical has a new AR design by Rare Breed Firearms. Spike’s will be the sole exclusive distributor of this new AR design. They are calling it the Spartan.

    The Spartan inspired theme is from the historic tale of the Spartans and the 300 that died to keep Sparta and Greece free from invading Persians. Many firearm enthusiasts gravitate to the idea of the Spartan, a warrior culture that coined the phrase Molon Labe (come and take them). Famously spoken in defiance to King Xerxes when he demanded that Spartans surrender their weapons.

    Spike’s originally collaborated with Sharps Brothers but decided to go their separate ways. Sharps has a similar styled lower called the Overthrow. However it only has a Spartan style helmet for the mag well. Rare Breed and Spike’s took it an extra step further and embellished the rest of the lower receiver. However they did not stop there. They will also be offering the Spike’s Spartan with an upper receiver as a matched billet receiver set.

    Complete Spike’s Spartan rifles will be offered along with bare lowers and matched billet sets.

    Billet Lower – Rare Breed Spartan                                                                     $349.95

    Billet Lower – Rare Breed Spartan w/Painted Helmet                                    $399.95


    Billet Set – Spartan w/Gen II Upper and 10″ M-LOK                                       $964.95

    Billet Set – Spartan w/Gen II Upper and 12″ M-LOK                                       $974.95

    Billet Set – Spartan w/Gen II Upper and 10″ SAR3                                          $964.95

    Billet Set – Spartan w/Gen II Upper and 12″ SAR3                                          $974.95


    Pistol (5.56) 11.5″ Rare Breed Spartan w/10″ M-LOK – SB3 Brace & R2     $2175.00

    Pistol (5.56) 11.5″ Rare Breed Spartan w/10″ SAR3 – SB3 Brace & R2        $2175.00

    Rifle (5.56) 16″ CHF Rare Breed Spartan w/12″ M-LOK & R2                        $2100.00

    Rifle (5.56) 16″ CHF Rare Breed Spartan w/12″ SAR3  & R2                         $2100.00

    The cerakoted versions will be painted in house by Spike’s Tactical. These will be available to order through Spike’s as well as some of the major retailers. The Spartan is a very striking design and over shadows the competition. I imagine it will be very popular.

    Nicholas C

    Steadicam Gun Operator
    Night Vision & Thermal Aficionado
    Flashlight/Laser Enthusiast
    USPSA competitor

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