POTD: Everyday Carry Glock Phone

    WWGD? What would Glock do? Have you accepted Glock into your daily life? Do you like Glock? Do you carry a Glock everyday? Can’t get enough Glock? Well now you can Glockify your iPhone! I came across this licensed Glock themed iPhone case. Now you can rock your Glock Phone among the rest of your everyday carry gear.

    The Glock phone case is actually not quite the same black as real Glock polymer but it features Gen 4 texture. The Glock phone cases are available in iPhone 4/5 and come in black or FDE.  I have not seen any cases for newest iPhones or Android phones.

    As you would expect, the phone case is your standard fare. Holes for the speakers and charging port.

    I would actually have liked it if the sides of the case had the same texture as well.

    close up of Glock phone case

    The phone case was only $15 and even though I don’t use this iPhone 4 anymore, I had to get the case. I am a fan of Glock memorabilia. So this was added to my collection of Glock swag.