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Joel W
by Joel W
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A Scope Review

I first laid my hands on the new EOTech Vudu 5-25X50 Scope at Shot Show 2018 and was quickly impressed by the long list of features for the price.

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EOTech has been in the precision rifle scope game for a little over two years now, but they are no strangers to high-quality optics. Most people are familiar with their holographic weapon sights currently being used by elite military units and the law enforcement community as well as the civilian consumer. I personally used an EOTech Vudu 5-25X50 Scope 553 on my duty rifle for years and can attest to their durability.

My personal addiction is long range rifle competitions, and I really wanted to review this scope in terms of its function and viability for the “PRS” crowd. First, a high-quality precision rifle optic should be able to withstand the rigors of the competition scene. As competitors, we often shoot off of barricades that are made of concrete, wood, and steel. We regularly bang our scopes up against these obstacles while transitioning from one shooting position to the next. Our optics need to be able to handle the abuse without losing zero or any other functionality.

Secondarily, a competition optic needs to have several key features. It needs to have a zero stop, crisp and clear glass, and a quality holdover style reticle. A few other things such as covered windage turret, first focal plane, and mils over moa adjustments are a bonus. Those last three things really boil down to personal preference though. The Eotech Vudu 5-25X50 Scope checks all the above boxes and then some.

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What I really like about the EOTech Vudu 5-25X50 is its compact size. At just 11.2 inches overall length, other comparable precision rifle optics (Leupold, Vortex, Nightforce, Kahles) are approximately 40 percent longer and one of them, the Vortex Razor HD Gen 2, is 64 percent heavier. Compact and lightweight are not necessarily the goal, however. Point of fact, most competitors want a heavy rifle setup because it helps to mitigate recoil. The compact size of the Eotech does benefit the person wanting to run night vision in front or behind the scope.

Another thing I like about this optic is the price compared to the feature set. On that note here is a brief list of the main features.

  • 50mm Objective lens
  • 34mm main tube
  • Compact size 11.2 inches
  • EZ Check Zero Stop and Locking Elevation Turret
  • XC High-Density Glass
  • Capped Windage Turret
  • Horus H59 Reticle

The price of the EOTech Vudu 5-25X50 Scope is $2099.00 MSRP. When compared to other similar scopes, they cost between 20-50% more. That’s fairly significant in my opinion.

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One of the downsides to running a short optic on a competition rig is that many competitors like to mount levels and data boards to their scopes and the Eotech may not allow enough room for those accessories. In my opinion, the Eotech does not have a lot of wiggle room when it comes to getting proper eye relief set. Longer scopes can be slid further front to back in the rings to help achieve a comfortable eye relief. A person may find themselves needing to shorten their length of pull with the Eotech.

In summary, the EOTech Vudu 5-25X50 Scope is a great choice for tactical applications related to law enforcement and military snipers, which is what I think it is primarily for. If you are not concerned about the compact size or the lighter weight then the Vudu could be a great choice for the precision long range competition shooter as well.

Joel W
Joel W

Ex Law Enforcement. Security consultant. Owner of the Precision Rifle Network. Long range shooter and competitor. Husband. Father.

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