New Strike Industries Stabilizer for SIG Sauer MPX/MCX Pistols

Hrachya H
by Hrachya H
New Strike Industries SIG MPXMCX Stabilizer Brace (7)

Strike Industries has introduced a new stabilizer brace for SIG Sauer MPX and MCX pistols. This new product features three-position length adjustability and mounts to the SIG MPX/MCX pistol just like any other stock designed for these firearms – via the Picatinny rail section on the rear portion of the receiver.

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Here is how Strike Industries describes this new product:

Improve your pistol’s ergonomics and utility by combining the MPX/MCX mounting system and the Strike Industries patents-pending stabilizer design. Designed to work with the existing receiver cuts, the Stabilizer collapses to an extremely compact size. Completely eliminating the use of integrated straps and loops, the MPX/MCX Stabilizer provides support using hook and loop surfaces on either side of the fin for user-supplied Velcro forearm wraps.

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The Strike Industries MPX/MCX stabilizer comes with two pre-cut Velcro panels that can be attached to either side of the fin. The stabilizer also has a sling loop on the bottom portion of its base. The length adjustments are done via pushing the button located on top of the base. When the stabilizer is mounted onto the SIG MCX/MPX pistols, the adjustment button becomes positioned in quite a convenient and secure location – right behind the charging handle. The deployment of the stabilizer is shown in the animated image embedded below.

Below I’ll also quote a disclaimer and warning published by the company regarding the compatibility and legal status of this product:

Disclaimer: Rated only for use on Sig Sauer MPX/MCX firearms. Mounts directly to picatinny rail sections.

Warning: Customer is responsible for being aware of their state’s laws regarding the use of this product. This item is not a buttstock. Do not attempt to modify or alter the intended functionality of this product.

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The Strike Industries Stabilizer for SIG MPX/MCX pistols is listed on the company’s website at an MSRP of $179.95.

Images from Strike Industries press release.

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