TFBTV: SureFire SOCOM-300 SPS Suppressor Rundown

by Ivan

In this episode of TFBTV, Ivan (aka Kit Badger) runs down the SureFire SOCOM 300 SPS Suppressor. Arguably SureFire’s quietest 30 Caliber Suppressor. While designed around the 300 Blackout Cartridge, and full auto rated down to a 5.5″ barrel, it can serve on various weapon platforms. Whether it is 5.5″ Sig Rattler or a 20″ 300 Win Mag bolt gun, this suppressor will preform. Check out some of the nuances with this 300 SPS suppressor versus the SureFire SOCOM 762 RC2.

-Sig Sauer Rattler
-12.5″ Hodge Defense in 300 Blackout
– Gas Piston 5.56

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Hi! I'm Ivan,I grew up spending a lot of time outdoors. Lots of backpacking and camping trips as well as extensive international travel Eventually I landed in the Marine Corps in the late 90's, spending my time in the infantry. After a hiatus from the military to race the Baja 1000 a couple times, I got myself another DD-214 with more time spent in the Air Force. Departing that I wound up with large metropolitan Police Department for a spell, and eventually landed in the Security Contracting world.The one constant through all of these experiences was gear and weapons. From rifles, pistols, plate carriers, to holsters, to tac-lights to hard shells Having spent time in a lot of environments and with the opportunity to field a lot of equipment, I have grown fond of well made gear and firearms.I figured I would share some of the knowledge and experience. So here we are

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