Swiss Auction with a Heavy Machine Gun and other goodies

Eric B
by Eric B

An auction house in Switzerland have some interesting firearms up for bidding.

Kessler Auktionen AG in Switzerland has a Heavy Machinge Gun, MG11, in 7,5×55 mm, as one of the objects. (top picture)

The serial number is #2, so it might be of interest for collectors. The recommended price is 2 600 CHF, about the same in USD.

The description reads (auto-translated from German)

Heavy machine gun, MG 11, WF Bern, cal. 7.5×55.
Water-cooled Maxim machine gun, riflescope «Carl Zeiss »in leather bag, green painted tripod loaf, coat pipe gray with green horizontal stripes. Accessories belt case with straps.

The war technical department had already in the October 1911 ordered 21 machine guns. Another 102 MG 11 ordered the military department in 1912.

The extradition took place in 1913. According to the Federal Council resolution of 26 February 1915 was the further fabrication of MG 11 to the Eidgenös-
Swiss Arms Factory Berne delegated. This machine gun with the number 2 thus comes from the first delivery of DWM and was founded in the middle of the thirties by the Waffenfabrik Bern converted to metal straps.

They also have a SIG P210-Luxury (18944), for about 4 000 USD. Note the hammer with Gold plating.

Pistol, SIG P210-Luxury, Oak Leaves, Cal. 9mmP. High-polished, burnished all-steel weapon with SA-trigger, oak foliage engraving, controls gold-plated. Chin and grain laterally swallowed. Oiled, carved walnut grips, oak leaves motif. Light blue designed walnut cassette. As new

and another SIG P210.

Pistol, SIG P210-Luxury, cal. 9mmP.
Highly polished, burnished all-steel weapon with SA-trigger, English
Engraving with acanthus leaves and gold lines, user interface elements matt gray. Chin and grain laterally swallowed. Oiled, carved walnut grips. Red designed Walnut cassette, user manual.
As new

There are also a few more modern, more traditional firearms on the list like SIG SG 551-1 in .223 Rem and a SIG Stgw in 7.5×55 mm. The prices are in the range of 300 to 800 USD, up to 1 300 USD for the SG551.

You can find the PDF here, in German but with many pictures. Before bidding, just remember that getting firearms out of Switzerland can be a bit tricky.

Eric B
Eric B

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  • RocketScientist RocketScientist on Aug 07, 2018

    Ah yes, i love it when my pistols have their "Chin and grain laterally swallowed."

  • Ostiariusalpha Ostiariusalpha on Aug 07, 2018

    Ugh, machine translation...
    Brünierte is German for a blued finish, not burnishing. I see it in German-English dictionaries also, and it's wrong.