Magpul Pro 700 Bolt Action Rifle Chassis Now Shipping

Hrachya H
by Hrachya H
Magpul PRO 700 Bolt Action Rifle Chassis Now Shipping (2)

Magpul has published a press release announcing about the start of sales of their new Pro 700 bolt action rifle chassis. The Pro 700 chassis is designed for short action Remington 700 barreled actions both made by Remington and other manufacturers whose products have Remington 700 footprint.

As one can expect from a new Magpul product, the Pro 700 chassis has a bunch of well thought out and cool features that provide a wide range of adjustability and modularity. It may look to have a simple construction but when designing products like this, it is harder to come up with simpler solutions. In fact, it took the company’s engineers four years of research, development, prototyping, and testing to design this chassis. Below you can find the image of the chassis showing its various features.

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Here is also the description of the key features of Pro 700 chassis (quoted from the manufacturer’s website).


Our folding stock comes with a push-button activated steel hinge with Melonite® finish that is reversible for left or right folding capability with the use of a 5/32” hex wrench. We offer a fixed stock adapter if you want to change with your situation.


Our ambidextrous bedding block can easily support changing back and forth from left and right-hand actions by swapping the QD sling swivel plate, cheek riser, and bolt retainer insert using a 1/8” hex wrench.


The butt-pad height can be adjusted up 1.33” and down .90” and is adjustable left or right for a total of 5 degrees. Overall LOP adjustment range is from 13.25” to 15.125”.


The cheek riser features a 3-position fore and aft adjustment of +.375”, 0” and -.375” which can also be changed for left or right side usage with a common hex wrench. Cheek riser adjusts in height by 1”.


The large trigger guard allows for use with gloves and accepts most factory and aftermarket curved or flat triggers. The polymer grip has a 5 degree forward edge sweep and enlarged palm swell with a 7 degree aft edge sweep for enhanced user comfort, combined with a .75” fore/aft adjustment range. An additional grip option is included in the box with a more aggressive sweep and enlarged palm swell for the shooter who is more inclined to a less vertical grip interface (8 degree forward / 20 degree aft edge sweep).


The Magpul Pro NVM (MAG1001, sold separately) is versatile MIL-STD 1913 thermal and image intensified clip-on optic mounting solution designed and optimized for the Magpul Pro 700 rifle chassis. Precision-machined from a solid piece of mil-spec 6061 T-6 hard anodized aluminum, the Pro NVM provides a rigid, seamlessly integrated, repeatable, and easily-installed mounting interface for a wide array of popular clip-on night vision devices.


Our integrated AICS pattern magazine well is constructed of reinforced polymer and is optimized for PMAG 5 & PMAG 10 7.62 AC™ magazines as well as most other AICS pattern short action magazines. The low-profile, anti-snag ambidextrous magazine release is made of Melonite-treated steel for wear and corrosion resistance.


Features M-LOK® slots for accessory mounting on the forend (6 slots on the left and right; 7 slots on the bottom) and on the stock (2 on the bottom).

You can also learn more about the features of Magpul Pro 700 chassis by watching the new video published by the company.

Magpul Pro 700 chassis is listed on the company’s website at an MSRP of $999.95. It is available in three color options: black, FDE and OD green.

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  • Hacedeca Hacedeca on Aug 07, 2018

    I find the grip very interesting: almost vertical... Does anybody have an idea, what the logic behind this is? It does not look ergonomical.

    I mean, I remember a vid about lon range shooting from Magpul, in which the instructor advised everybody, to not touch the rifle if this is possible - because the human being and it's shortcomings are the biggest source of failure. Maybe a really vertical grip helps here... But it does not look comfortable - more like a shooting range grip and not for hunting whatever.

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    • Hacedeca Hacedeca on Aug 08, 2018

      @JNZ Ahh, thanks, that is a good explanation!

  • Joshua Gregory Joshua Gregory on Aug 07, 2018

    What's that attachment on the right side of the 1st pic with the two rounds?

    • JNZ JNZ on Aug 08, 2018

      @Joshua Gregory "Match Saver"

      Two extra rounds that you can load on top of an empty mag and get ammo in the gun quickly. I don't mind the idea for shotgun because ammo changovers are common, a versitile part of the design, and 12ga rounds are easy to handle. A rifle round, IDK, maybe someone has a use for it.