Sulun Arms Select Fire Shotgun

    Sulun Arms is a Turkish company that makes shotguns as well as other firearms and air guns. Recently a viral video has been shared on Facebook of one of their shotguns. It is a select fire shotgun. Most full auto shotguns do not look like your stereotypical shotguns. The AA-12, The Fostech Origin and Saiga 12s are the most common full auto shotguns we see but they don’t look like shotguns. Sulun Arms has a select fire shotgun that looks like a semi-auto hunting shotgun with a selector switch.

    The shooter fires three rounds and then flips the selector switch on the side of the receiver. Then the shotgun goes full auto. It appears the shooter does not shoot full auto shotguns that often as the increasing recoil forces causes him to lose his balance. Fortunately he ran out of ammo before it became a problem. It sounds like he shot six rounds in full auto.

    I was not able to find this model of shotgun on their website. However I did find this other video on American Shooting Journal’s YouTube channel. I don’t know what language he is speaking but I think it is Turkish. The shotgun looks similar and has a similar select fire switch.

    I wonder why we don’t see more full auto shotguns like this? Sure Remington used to make the 11A and someone registered it back in the day.

    Then we have the Remington 7188. But we don’t see modern versions of these compared to full auto ARs and Glocks on YouTube.

    Sulun Arms has some other interesting videos. They have a magazine extension that looks very similar to the RCI X-Rail and they have an integrated thumb print gun lock. While it is a neat piece of technology, it is too slow. You can hear some motor being turned to lock the gun. They should have used a solenoid as it would be much faster.

    What do you think? I like the idea of a select fire traditional looking shotgun. Although I would like to see one tuned by Vang Comp  to see how well their barrel modifications can tame the recoil and more importantly the muzzle climb of a full auto shotgun.

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