Gamechanger: Sierra Bullets NEW Tipped Gameking


    Sierra Bullets has announced a new reloading bullet into their fold that will be a Gamechanger, literally! Their new Tipped Gameking bullet has been dubbed the “Gamechanger” and is initially being offered in 5 different caliber tips and grain weights exclusively through Midway USA. At the moment, if you want to give these potentially very impactful bullet tips a try you will be forced to spend your dollars with Midway USA, but this will not be a permanent sales move by Sierra Bullets. Beginning on September 1st, you will have the ability to purchase these bullets from all of your traditional reloading component retailers as well.

    All of the boxes that can be currently found online are available in quantities of 100 bullets per box. In the future you will also have the option to buy in smaller quantities of 50 tips per box. All of the currently available bullet types can be viewed below.

    • 6mm (.243”) 90 Grain | Polymer-Tipped Spitzer Boat-Tail | Midway $28.99
    • 6.5mm (.264”) 130 Grain | Polymer-Tipped Spitzer Boat-Tail | Midway $42.99
    • .270 Cal (.277”) 140 Grain | Polymer-Tipped Spitzer Boat-Tail | Midway $36.99
    • 7mm (.284”) 165 Grain | Polymer-Tipped Spitzer Boat-Tail | Midway $38.99
    • .30 Cal (.308”) 165 Grain | Polymer-Tipped Spitzer Boat-Tail | Midway $45.99


    Another thing that these bullets are ushering in for Sierra Bullets is a new logo, more impressive advertising and bright new packaging. Advertising can often be viewed as art, and in my humble opinion, their new graphics, advertising and logo look great! Let’s return back to discussing their new bullets though.

    The beauty of the new Gamechanger is that it melds some of the best properties from a lot of their current bullets. You get terminal performance down range and the accuracy you would desire to hit your given target. To better explain this, watch Sierra Bullets’ newest promotional video for the Tipped Gameking below.

    So if you are a reloader like myself, you likely have some stalwart tips that you turn to every time you are planning a hunt. Do you think that these new Tipped Gamekings will find their way to your reloading bench? Let us know in the comments below what you think! Also, feel free to share any recipes you have been experiencing success with from their traditional Gamekings.


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