ICYMI: Trump Highlights Liberty Safe in "Made in America" Event

Adam Scepaniak
by Adam Scepaniak

For the 2nd year in a row Donald Trump has hosted a “Made in America” day at the White House. At this now yearly event, he hosts one company from all 50 states to represent and embody American manufacturing. Last year, Leupold was highlighted as one of the 50 companies while representing Oregon. This year another shooting industry company made the list with Liberty Safe representing Utah last Monday, July 23rd.

Currently, Liberty Safe employs 400 people in their main headquarters in Utah. Their company actively comprises 80% of safes made domestically in the United States. Liberty Safe, like many companies, used to source much of their products internationally, but after cutting ties with China back in 2009, now all of their products are made in America. In order to accomplish that they invested $30 Million in manufacturing and assembly line capabilities in the US.

Steve Allred, president and CEO of Liberty Safe, shared these thoughts on bringing manufacturing back to the United States:

For this focus to be back on the [mainland] U.S. — everybody says it but I’m really starting to feel it. It’s really critical.

While visiting and exhibiting in the White House, Liberty Safe aptly brought one of their President series’ safes with. That particular line of safes has a starting retail of $4,499 and caught the eyes of White House officials. Steve Allred had this to say about speaking with White House officials while he was there:

They took my card and said they want to update all of their safes. I said, ‘I think we can help you out there.’ … I’d love to have our products in the White House.

Justin Buck, vice president of sales and marketing at Liberty Safe, was also on hand for the Made in America event at the White House last Monday. He was just as excited to be there as Steve Allred exclaiming:

It’s great that we’re representing U.S.-made products. I think it’s important to have a country that builds things, not just imports things.

It was definitely an exciting day for all the companies that attended “Made in America” day. If you do not own a gun safe and are in the market for one, Liberty Safe (being made in America) would definitely be a great company to check out. Here is a good primer video for you to check out one of their “USA Series” safes.

Adam Scepaniak
Adam Scepaniak

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