POTD: DIY Mossberg 702 Briefcase Gun

    As an owner of an HK MP5K Briefcase, I am a fan of other attempts at a briefcase gun. Sadly none of them hold a candle to the HK Briefcase. Louisville Metro Police Department (LMPD) found such an example and posted it on their Facebook page. It appears to be a Mossberg 702 Briefcase gun.

    Here is what the LMPD posted about the 702 Briefcase gun.

    All briefcases aren’t the same. For instance, this one can cause some damage(we circled it) and is illegal in way more ways than there’s room to explain! #LMPD#BriefcaseProbs#Hitman#InspectorGadget#BusinessmanByDay_HitmanByNight#PackingTheEssentials#Makeshift22#ImmaHaveToReschedThisBusinessMeeting#GoGoGadgetBriefcase

    It is only illegal, federally, if the creator did not register the 702 plinkster as an AOW. Although if it was registered as an SBR then he would be fine.

    LMPD circled key areas in red. Above you can see the makeshift trigger mechanism. And if you look at the top photo, it is connected to a wire that is routed to pull the trigger on the 702 plinkster. What is a bit confusing is how someone would actually fire this briefcase gun. Look at the top photo and you can see the barrel points to the right hand side of the photo. So you would have to point that at your target. If you grab the handle, the white remote trigger is now at the rear of the handle. I do not see how one would manipulate this fire the gun as it would be behind the hand holding the case handle.

    Not sure why the creator did not create a hole for the rounds to escape out of the briefcase rather than letting it rip the faux leather. It was rather clever and simple to make a jig out of wood to hold the gun inside the briefcase.

    I like the ingenuity of a briefcase gun and while this is crude compared to the HK briefcase, I think it would work as intended. Only the trigger mechanism needs a little work.