Fresh Out of the Laboratory: New & Improved Alliant Green Dot Powder

Adam Scepaniak
by Adam Scepaniak

Alliant powder has been re-formulating a lot of their reloading powders lately to give shooters more bang for their buck! This has included an over-haul and re-examination of the “Dot” powders that so many target shotgun shooters are fond of. Both Red and Green Dot were announced at SHOT Show as being improved and would be re-introduced sometime later in 2018. Well, that time has finally arrived for Green Dot.

Green Dot from Alliant has been known for decades as a powder that could give shooters less felt recoil while still maintaining good patterns and accuracy. Primarily, it is meant for handi-cap or lighter 20 Gauge loads. To further increase the appeal of this powder Alliant has made it cleaner burning than its former formulation. The details for the new Green Dot, as provided by Alliant Powder, can be read below:

  • Improved Clean-Burning Formulation
  • Significantly Less Fouling
  • Lower Felt Recoil & Superior Patterning
  • Optimized for Handi-Cap Trap Loads
  • Excellent Lot-to-Lot Consistency
  • Made in the U.S.A.

This, like most all powders offered by Alliant, can be purchased in 1 Lbs, 4 Lbs or 8 Lbs bottles at a price-point of $24.99, $89.99 or $169.99 respectively. For those who may not reload or are newer to the economical hobby, a typical powder charge for 12 Gauge with Green Dot might run 20 Grains. In a single pound of powder there is 7,000 Grains of powder. So some very condensed and simple math gets you 350 reloads of 12 Gauge in merely one pound of powder. Not too shabby.

With cleaner burning properties and the ability to save money like that it is no wonder why so many people take up reloading. Alliant further extols the positive attributes of their newly re-designed Green Dot powder below:

Shooters can now get the tight, consistent, long-range patterns of Alliant Powder® Green Dot® with significantly less fouling. The improved formulation burns much cleaner, with precise burn rates that produce dense, uniform patterns, as well as less felt recoil. Enhanced Green Dot is optimized for handicap trap loads, yet versatile enough for a variety of target and field applications. It offers Alliant Powder’s legendary lot-to-lot consistency and is proudly made in America.

For all of the reloaders in the audience, are you an advocate of Alliant Powder? Have you personally used Green Dot with success? Failure? Let us know in the comments below! We always appreciate reader feedback.

Adam Scepaniak
Adam Scepaniak

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  • GunFun ZS GunFun ZS on Aug 01, 2018

    What I would want to know before I was willing to buy any would be 2 things: 1) can I trust it to load to old data safely? 2) Can I trust it not to fail to burn and squib fire in very cold weather like the old formula? That alone was a deal breaker for me. Nothing like having a load in the middle of the data range go "thoop" instead of bang when a friend is holding your gun, to make you want a new powder. I've had this experience with several green dot loads, all in the middle of their data sets, not some extreme load out of it's sweet spot. I like red dot and blue dot, but I've come to the conclusion that WSF and WST do their jobs better, and cheaper, and smell nicer.

    • William Paxson William Paxson on Aug 01, 2018

      @GunFun ZS You using Green Dot for pistol or for shotgun? In my experience (in pistol loading), Green dot doesn't particularly like reduced loads (at least in 9mm and 45acp) and unburnt powder is common and squibs due to light charges are common depending on whether your measure will throw it without the powder bridging in it but I never had a full charge in either 9mm or 45acp not go bang down to about zero temperature wise.

  • Kw Kw on Aug 02, 2018

    I have had good luck using green dot for 124 grain 9mm loads. Picked up some back when it was difficult to find powder there for a while and couldn't find load data. I Emailed the nice folks in support and they provided some data for 9mm loads that worked well.