Allen Arms Tactical Partners With Discreet Ballistics

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    Silencer and National Firearms Act (NFA) weapons distributor Allen Arms Tactical has partnered with Discreet Ballistics to sell the New Hampshire based company’s line of subsonic ammunition. The move gives Allen Arms’ national network of dealers access to high quality suppressor food – a fact I can personally confirm. “I don’t buy ammo often, but when I do, it’s Discreet Ballistics.”

    In all seriousness, both companies are staffed by hard working and intelligent people. This new partnership is a win for both dealers and consumers alike.

    Allen Arms Tactical Partners With Discreet Ballistics

    Discreet Ballistics of Plainfield, NH has partnered with Allen Arms Tactical to distribute its line of premium grade subsonic ammunition. Located in Greenville, SC Allen Arms Tactical is the oldest and longest running silencer distributor in the United States. Discreet Ballistics is an industry leader in the development and manufacture of subsonic ammunition. “Due to the highly focused nature of both Discreet and Allen Arms within the firearms industry, forming this partnership made perfect sense,” said David Stark, President of Discreet Ballistics.

    Founded in 2008, Allen Arms Tactical distributes silencers from respected silencer brands including: Dead Air, SilencerCo., Q, Griffin Armament, Rugged Suppressors, Energetic Armament, Surefire, and Daniel Defense. Allen Arms Tactical is a dealer only distributor with a network encompassing thousands of Special Occupation Taxpayer (SOT) dealers across the country. Allen Arms is highly regarded by the silencer manufacturers they represent and the SOT dealers to which they distribute.

    Founded in 2015 Discreet Ballistics is a 07/02FFL manufacturer specializing in the design, development and production of subsonic ammunition. As the name implies Discreet Ballistics’ mission is to produce the quietest and most consistent subsonic ammunition available. Prior to coming to market, Discreet invested significant time into determining the best components to be used in its ammunition. Components from brands including: Lapua®, Nosler® and Jagemann® are found in Discreet’s line of 300BLK and 308WIN ammunition. Additionally, Discreet has an existing relationship with Mark 7 Reloading® and utilizes their cutting edge loading equipment and suite of sensors to produce its subsonic ammunition. Finally, Discreet along with its partner company, Peregrine Bullets are co-developing expanding subsonic solid copper projectiles for use in the upcoming 8.6 Creedmoor cartridge being spearheaded jointly by Q® and Hornady®. 


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