[TriggrCon 2018 ]Accessories Part 3

    This is my 3rd and last day at TriggrCon 2018, even though it went on 1 more day, obligations were calling me home. Overall this has been a great experience, and wonderful opportunity to connect with people from all over the firearms industry in this easily navigated intimate convention. Here are a few more noteworthy products.

    Adaptive Tactical

    Adaptive Tactical specializes in polymer accessories for pump shotguns, Ruger 10/22’s, and the AR platforms. They carry a line of magazine conversion kits for Mossberg shotguns both box and drum style.

    Adaptive Tactical also manufactures the box magazines for the Mossberg 590M series 12GA shotgun. A true double stack magazine offered in 5, 10, 15, and 20 rounds.

    They also have a new 300-lumen tactical flashlight coming out this summer. It will be for use on Mossberg and Remington shotguns. It features a 4-hour run time, 3 illumination settings, uses 2 AA batteries. MSRP will be 129.00, and will ship by September 1st.

    Adaptive Tactical website: https://adaptivetactical.com/

    Walkers Hearing Protection

    At the end of summer, Walkers is releasing a new in-ear hearing protection product. It is part of their Silencer series with Bluetooth. But this new Silencer will feature several upgrades from the previous model. Instead of replaceable batteries, it will be rechargeable via a USB charging dock with an integrated lithium battery. It also can be controlled by a free smartphone app. With the app you can adjust volume, adjust the auto shut off, and monitor battery levels.

    Image courtesy of Google Images (https://www.walkersgameear.com/silencer-bluetooth-rechargeable-in-the-ear-pair/)

    Image courtesy of Google Images (https://www.walkersgameear.com/silencer-bluetooth-rechargeable-in-the-ear-pair/)

    MSRP will be 299.99

    Walker’s website:https://www.walkersgameear.com/


    TriggrCon 2108 brought a Golden Triggr award for the most Innovative product to Tenicor for their VELO AIWB holster.

    The VELO AIWB holster is an inside the pant, appendix carry holster. It has a wedge built into it that rotates the pistol grip into your body. The top is cut low so that it can easily accept optics. You can dial in the subtle height adjustments with a triangle hole design, that allows you to move it in very small increments. All extra material is removed, and it has very smooth edges. The gentleman I spoke with was wearing a shirt that was fairly form-fitting. He asked if I could tell if he was carrying, I told him that it didn’t look like he was. He lifted his shirt and pulled a full-size Sig P320. There wasn’t even a slight imprint of that large pistol. You have a choice of metal belt clips or closed soft loops.

    MSRP is 95.00, with a shipping date of August 6th.

    Tenicor’s website: https://tenicor.com/

    Jim H

    Jim H lives in Kent, Washington with his lovely wife. Loves the outdoors and has been hunting and shooting most of his life. Cotton tail rabbits, doves and ducks used to shiver in fear when he was around! He has been around long enough to remember keeping his .22 rifle on the gun rack of his truck and drove it to high school! Mostly now, he loves to spend time at the range shooting handguns, and learning and reading as much as he can about all firearms.