[TriggrCon 2018] Accessories, Part 1

    SSP Eyewear has eye pro with correction lenses applied on both the top and bottom so that you don't have to play peek-a-boo. http://www.sspeyewear.com

    Arriving at the start of  2018 TriggrCon, I learned a couple of things right away. First, no matter how you try to plan for a large group of people to arrive at a remote venue, it will not go as smoothly as intended (we had some confusion finding the staging location for Range Day).

    The second thing I learned is that there are many smart entrepreneurs in this country trying to be innovative in the firearm industry. I am not endorsing any of these products at this point, because obviously there hasn’t been a time for an in-depth evaluation, so these are just products I found interesting.  I am going to break up my posts into smaller bites as I focus mainly on accessories.

    Novagrade Digiscope

    Using a smartphone with a spotting scope is not a new idea. Novagrade’s Digiscope appears to have improved on the concept. They have come up with an innovative compression system that quickly connects your smartphone, camera, or even your tablet to your high-quality spotting scope.  The compression system adapts to the eyepiece of your spotter and will accommodate a large range of sizes.

    One of the big differences about the smartphone variant is that it will work with any smartphone case you happen to have on your phone–you don’t need a special case to attach to the mount. It will accommodate any phone up to 4-3/8 inches wide.

    Novagrade has paired their Digiscope product with what they believe to be the best spotting scope on the market. THE TSN-883 Angled Spotting Scope was used for all of their demonstration, The sell the Kowa Scopes as the recommended optics for their Digiscope mount, and they have a number of packages that include both the Digiscope and Kowa.  Again though, the Digiscope will work with most spotting scopes on the market.

    Prices for the mounts are:

    • Double Grip Mount for smartphones:  $169.00  (they make a single mount, but the double mount is significantly more secure)
    • Tablet Adapter: $249.00
    • SLR Camera Adapter: $129.00

    Novagrade Website: https://novagrade.com/

    SSP Eyewear

    In keeping with the “vision” type products, I came across SSP Eyewear. They offer shooting glasses, not only for the regular user market but also for the shooters who may need a little “help” focusing on the front sight. All of the glasses are ANSI Z87 rated for safety, and come in a large variety of styles and colors.

    As I mentioned earlier, these glasses are also available with a bifocal lens, so they can also be used as readers as well as for shooting. The bifocal also comes in dominant eye, top or bottom of the lens, so that you can more easily avoid the “can’t see the front sight head bob”. You people like me who need bifocals know what I’m talking about!

    The glasses are available in 3 lens colors, amber, clear and smoke. They also come polarized or non-polarized.

    Prices for the glasses range from 17.00 for the regular to 23.00 dollars for the bifocals. You can also purchase the professional kit for 80.00 that includes all 3 colors, with top and bottom bifocal lenses. Their website: https://sspeyewear.com/

    Jim H

    Jim H lives in Kent, Washington with his lovely wife. Loves the outdoors and has been hunting and shooting most of his life. Cotton tail rabbits, doves and ducks used to shiver in fear when he was around! He has been around long enough to remember keeping his .22 rifle on the gun rack of his truck and drove it to high school! Mostly now, he loves to spend time at the range shooting handguns, and learning and reading as much as he can about all firearms.