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    Let’s take a few minutes to play the game Opposite Day – hopefully you can follow along. I think Bullpup Firearms are the best invention to ever grace the shoulder fired firearms market. When I go to the rack to grab a rifle, my first choice is always a Bullpup. I also use my thumb to load cartridges one at a time into magazines like a proper gentleman. So while I love Bullpup rifles like the STEYR AUG, I’d rather slowly load magazines with grace than use a simple, effective and elegant tool built to jam mags quickly.

    Ok, back to normal operations: I’m always impressed with Maglula products. For short money their loaders save you a lot of time and headaches. So if you are some sort of freak who owns and enjoys a Steyr AUG, buy the new StripLULA with confidence. Details are below.

    STEYR AUG 5.56 / .223 StripLULA 10rd magazine loader


    STEYR AUG 10-round StripLULA magazine loader for all 5.56 / .223 metal and polymer stripper-clips, including GECO gray strips, and loose rounds.

    • Loads both 10-rd stripper-clips and 10 loose rounds.
    • Small & durable, pocket-size.
    • Weighs 41 grams (1.5oz)
    • Loads 10, 20, 30, 40 round STEYR AUG factory magazines only !
    • NOTE: This loader does not fit or load Magpul PMAG® AUS  (30rd mag) or any other magazine.
    • MSRP: TBD


    All-in-one 10rd stripper clip and loose rounds magazine loader.

    • Fits all 5.56mm type stripper-clips, metal and polymer, including GECO strips.
    • Eliminates fingers pain and injury.
    • Easy and quick loading.
    • 1/3 the size of competing loaders.
    • Prolongs magazine life.
    • Reliable in all weather.
    • Durable reinforced polymer.
    • Ambidextrous.


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