RWS .308 Winchester “Short Rifle” Hunting Ammunition

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    RWS now offers .308 Winchester ammunition tailored to provide maximum efficiency from shorter barreled rifles. Observing the trend of hunters preferring shorter barrelled lighter rifles, the company came up with this load that is specifically designed for short barrels. The new ammunition is called .308 Winchester Short Rifle and it comes loaded with two bullet types: RWS HIT and SPEED TIP Professional.

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    The way they achieved these results is by having a faster powder burn rate and special primers that allow squeezing the maximum from 16″ to 22″ barrels within the safe pressure limits. The advertised muzzle velocity of the 150 grain HIT bullet is 2,855 fps (870 m/s) and it has a muzzle energy of 2,707 ft-lb (3,671 Joule). The heavier 165 grain SPEED TIP Professional bullet has a muzzle velocity of 2,723 fps (830 m/s) and muzzle energy of about 2,720 ft-lb (3,686 Joule).

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    Below you can find the description of the mentioned two bullets that are used in the new RWS .308 Winchester Short Rifle ammunition (quoted from the manufacturer’s website).


    Lead-free, stable-mass, as well as impressive penetration capacity

    HIT, which stands for ‘high-impact technology’, is the newest, lead-free hunting cartridge in the RWS lineup. This stable-mass deformation bullet is the perfect choice for hunters who prefer to use non-fragmenting rounds. We call this new design principle the ‘RWS HIT matrix’. It guarantees rapid expansion and a high shock effect so that you can get maximum value out of game you take down. Owing to the streamlined shape of the bullet, the RWS HIT is perfectly suited for long-range shooting.


    SPEED TIP Professional

    Highly effective – even at long range

    The new RWS SPEED TIP PROFESSIONAL is a long-range round based on the tried-and-tested H-jacket principle. Its streamlined bullet shape and the speed tip reduce air resistance, allowing for an extremely long trajectory. The innovative bullet tip and the V-tail bullet rear guarantee precise shots and a maximum stop effect — even when hunting large game at long range.

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