The Salen 3D Printed Titanium Compensator

    Mr. Kenneth Salen is a Norwegian IPSC competitive shooter. He’s now the top shooter on the Norwegian Heckler & Koch Shooting Team. According to himself he’s the guy you talk to about the best compensator in the World.

    A brave statement, that combined with the subject of 3D printing (or Additive Manufacturing, as opposed to CNC machining where you take away material) is sure to put some fuel to the fire on the everlasting compensator debate.

    Heckler & Koch in French Nationals. Notice the compensator and the Magpul D60.

    I’ve met with Mr. Salen many times and we’ve squadded in competitions more than once. I am, however, not using his product on any of my rifles. Mainly out of laziness and it seems my current compensators seem to be good enough (I use JP rifles mainly, and don’t want to change the original concept either).

    I also see a lot of competitors who seem to spend more time changing their equipment and setup, instead of getting some real training done. But we’re all different, some like to develop their setups in and endless race for perfection. If that’s you, the you probably should try the Salen 3D printed compensator!

    I am tempted to try the Salen compensator, and many of my friends who have changed are very happy and concur in the claim that it’s the best compensator around. Just look at the picture below from an IPSC competition.

    Here you can see the Salen Standard Edition, with Mr. Salen from Norway in the background. Picture taken by me in Russia during World Shoot Rifle 2017.

    Titanium Grade 5, according to the specs.

    Looking into the 3D printed chamber

    Here’s a bunch of Salen compensators fresh out of the build box in the 3D printing machine.


    I think most people buy their compensators directly from Mr. Salen (Dvc.kenneth @ at competitions around Europe, but I think he also ships.

    They seem to be available here as well, with various fits, threads and calibers:

    1 450 NOK is about 180 USD for the Standard version. The Open compensator is 1 850 NOK and 216 USD.

    Here’s a video to demonstrate the performance.

    TFB has actually tested an AR15 with the Salen compensator on it. However we were more looking at the accuracy of the complete system at the time.

    Some press pictures of the Salen Compensator from Tronrud Engineering, the company that manufactures Salen’s compensator.

    On the rifle

    I guess this is on an HK rifle.

    The 3D printing process, layer by layer (Additive Manufacturing).

    I wasn’t sure, but was told that the compensator is mounted correctly on the picture below, it’s just that the angle of the photo makes it look strange.

    On a bolt-action hunting rifle – looks like the correct mounting.

    And on an AR-15.

    Standard Edition – to comply with IPSC rules size limits.

    Open Division – larger dimensions and chamber.

    From TE-Titan’s description

    TE-Titan Hall compensator

    The compensator is designed for dynamic sports shooting, along with one of the best shooters in the Nordic region (Kenneth Salen).The compensator is 3D printed, this is to achieve optimum control of the gases, which has not previously been possible with traditional production.The material that the compensator consists of is titanium grade 5, which makes the compensator easier and that it can withstand fast shots with shots.There are 2 holes in the front chamber of the compensator, these holes are dimensioned for the AR 15 platform.The holes can be drilled to remove all nozzles so that the compensator can be adjusted to precise weaponry, ammunition and use.The salon compensator comes in two different versions that go within the IPSC regulatory standard and open,-The TE-Titan compensator gives you full control of the recoil.The compiler is delivered to caliber 223, 264, 30.Available threads: 1 / 2-28, 14×1, 14×1,5, 15×1, 15x1HK, 5/8-24, 16×1, 18×1, 13x1L / AUG.

    Do you have questions about other gang parties or caliber?

    -Contact, it can be made to order.

    Standard compensator:

    Weight 65g.

    Total length: 90mm.

    Build length 75mm.

    Comes for running with 19mm or 23mm diameter.

    Price: 1450.

    Open compensator:

    Weight 85g.

    Total length: 100mm

    Building length 85mm

    Comes for running with 19mm or 23mm diameter.

    Price 1750.

    Available in the following colors:

    -Titan gray (Standard)

    Price for the following colors 100.


    -OD Green.

    -Flat dark earth.


    I tried a quick search, but couldn’t really find any other manufacturers of 3D printed compensators. I’m sure there are a few around, so please let us know in the comments section below.

    What’s your take on the subject?

    Eric B

    Ex-Arctic Ranger. Competitive practical shooter and hunter with a European focus. Always ready to increase my collection of modern semi-automatics, optics and sound suppressors. TCCC Certified medic.