The new Spuhr SP-3022 Scope Mount with Co-Witness

Eric B
by Eric B

What do you get if you combine the extended cantilever of the Noveske Shooting Team Mount (the SP-3026) with the absolute co-witness height of the SP-3016?

In Spuhr’s World you get the SP-3022, which is the company’s latest product.

The SP-3022 is based on the 3-gun competition mount designed for the The Noveske Shooting Team, but with absolute co-witness with iron sights.

Why co-witness height? According to one of my sources, the reason Spuhr developed the SP-3022 was due to a demand from an international government agency.

The SP-3022 will fit most 30 mm scope tubes, except for scopes with extended erector housings. For instance the US Optics TPAL/EREK won’t fit.

Due to the extreme cantilever, the SP-3022 does not feature a bubble level, as the rest of the ISMS series do.

Spuhr ISMS mounts

If you’re not aware of the Spuhr mounts yet, they are extremely sturdy (without being heavy) and offers the possibility to attach multiple optical accessories directly to the mount.

The mounts are machined from billet 7075 T651 aluminum and all aluminum parts are hardcoat anodized. The Torx 20 ring and clamping screws are zinc-nickel coated for corrosion resistance. The screws come pre-waxed from the factory to ensure proper torque values.

The Spuhr ISMS (Ideal Scope Mount System) series of mounts feature seven set of interfaces to attach any of more than 40 different accessories. The rings are diagonally cut for increased visibility of the elevation and windage turrets (US Patent 8,733,011).

Spuhr SP-3022, with cantilever and co-witness

The weight is 242 grams / 8.5 oz, for Ø30 mm scopes using 0 MIL/MOA, which should be enough for most applications for this mount.

Article no.: SP-3022
A combination of the extended cantilever of the SP-3026 and the absolute co-witness of the SP-3016.
Allows the scope to be mounted 70 mm/2.76” further forward than with a non-cantilever mount. 10-degree wedge included. 0 MIL/0 MOA
Height: 38 mm/1.5” Length: 140 mm/5.51” Weight: 242 g/8.5 oz
More news – ISO 9001 and ISO 14001

Spuhr also recently received their ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certification.

Anyone who has gone through this quality certification process knows that this is not an easy task, especially for a small company.

I managed to get some unique pictures of the new Spuhr SP-3022 mount on an Oberland Arms (Germany) AR15 with a Kahles sight.

Below: Magpul’s cover photo, including the Spuhr SP-4036 for the Schmidt & Bender 5-20 PM II Ultra Short. Magpul Pro 700 system and bipod, all in FDE up high in Wyoming.

Magpul with Spuhr mount. The mount for the S&B Ultra Short is quite unique due to the short scope actually, but that's another story.

You can find the SP-3022 mount on Spuhr’s Homepage here. The price is 309 Euro.

Spuhr Sweden ship worldwide, but customers in the US should contact Mile High Shooting. To save your precious time I checked their homepage, and they did not yet have it in stock as of time of writing. I guess it is too new for the deliveries to have reached the US yet. (Update: Shipment to reach the US in about 3 weeks from date of article).

Eric B
Eric B

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  • Sunshine_Shooter Sunshine_Shooter on Jul 26, 2018

    What is the point of a cowitness mount for a magnified optic? I'm trying to wrap my head around how this could make sense, but I just keep coming up with new angles of how stupid this is. I expected more out of Spuhr.

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    • Sunshine_Shooter Sunshine_Shooter on Jul 27, 2018

      @Soren Franson I hate that I have to go to the manufacturer's website and dig around to find the justification for a product when the article I found the product on in the first place gives me a complete line of BS about the intended usage.

  • Richard Richard on Jul 27, 2018

    What handguard is on that OA-15?

    • Spike1984 Spike1984 on Aug 07, 2018

      @Richard It looks like the Brigand Arms Carbon Black handguard but with more slots on the corners instead of along the top, bottom, and sides.