Hudson C1 Compensators Coming Soon

    hudson c9 compensator

    Hudson Mfg recently announced the pre-order sale for their C1 Compensator for the H9 pistol. You knew this was coming after Hudson Mfg debuted their H9 threaded barrels last month. The Hudson C1 Compensator is made out of 7075 aluminum with a type II anodize finish and was designed to match the styling of the H9 pistol. According to Hudson their new compensator helps makes for a flatter shooting pistol with quicker follow up shots.

    The C1 Compensator uses a 1/2×28 TPI thread pitch and works with the H9 threaded barrel. They’re going to retail for $87 but the current pre-sale price is $79.17 with free shipping. They are expected to ship in August 2018.

    Check out for more info and to pre-order.

    Compensators have been proven over decades of testing and use to provide quicker follow up shots accomplished by redirecting the gasses escaping the muzzle which decreases the amount of force returning straight back to the shooter. The bottom line is they work.

    The Hudson C1 Compensator is crafted to fit the specific aesthetics of the H9 family of pistols. We construct the C1 from 7075 aluminum alloy, bead blast it, and anodize (type II) it for a smooth matte black finish to match the H9. The C1 has a 1/2×28 TPI thread pitch, and it is compatible with the Hudson H9 Threaded Barrel for your H9 or other pistols with the correct dimensions and same thread pitch. No need for a gunsmith, install the C1 yourself with the included set screw.

    hudson c1 compensator

    hudson c1 compensator

    But wait, there’s more! Hudson also posted on their Facebook page a sneak peek picture of a mounting plate for a Trijicon RMR. Man they’re really going after that “Roland Special” style pistol look, and I’m OK with that.

    hudson H9 RMR

    Hudson H9 Trijicon RMR plate

    Another look at the Trijicon RMR plate for the Hudson H9

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