POTD: Upgraded Ukranian AKs With Holosun Optics

Nicholas C
by Nicholas C

The People’s Project is a crowdfunding organization in the Ukraine to help their army upgrade their Ukranian AKs. Back in 2014 they helps upgrade Unit A 0224 with Holosun Optics, digital night vision, handguards and grips.

Thanks to Vlad and Hrachya for helping me translate the Ukranian engraving on the side.

To Ukrainian army from the people. not for resale

I question the tall mount used on the Holosun below. However maybe this is a setup like the the KAC Redback One mount where you can still use the iron sights by looking through the mount? Also a taller red dot makes it easier to work with night vision monoculars.

The People’s Project helped to upgrade 30 Ukranian AKs. They acquired 30 Holosun Collimator sights, handguards, tactical maps, pistol grips and fire transfer handles. Not sure what a fire transfer handle is but maybe it is the folding vertical grip? They only acquired one pulsar digital night vision scope, which I assume would be used by a marksman or the leader of the unit to help scan and ID threats in the dark. Similar to the concept of the FLIR T50 ACTS.

If you are interested in learning more about People’s Project, you can check out their work on their website.

Nicholas C
Nicholas C

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  • Max G Max G on Jul 29, 2018

    These guys seem rather well-equipped. I have sincere doubts that these guys are Ukrainian army or military altogether. They are more probably volunteer battalions that had been integrated into Internal ministry. They get good uniform and equipment supplied while average soldiers in Ukrainian military get next to nothing and barely get food supplies. There are videos where soldiers talk about having to catch crickets to eat, where they open cans of beef which is almost entirely inedible, bread that has more holes in it than swiss cheese. I won't go into clothing, armor, footwear, vests etc.

  • Retriever222 Retriever222 on Jul 30, 2018

    I'd wager the taller mount actually allows you to use your irons and the short mount does not. The UTG handguard rails sit high, where-as the tall mount has a hole in the center, so you can see under the optic.