Zeroing your Red Dot 101: presented by Vortex Optics


    When it comes to zeroing your red dot there are all kinds of opinions and thoughts people have on the matter. Vortex Optics attempts to cut through the murky waters of this topic and give us some cold hard facts. They generally achieve that with a simple info-graphic that they shared on their company’s Facebook page a few days ago.

    We are going to cut to the chase of zeroing a red dot for you. [SPOILER ALERT] There is no perfect system or answer. Basically, you need to ask yourself a lot of primer questions to figure out what is the best forĀ you. What are you mounting a red dot on? How far do you intend to shoot? Are your shot distances varying from near and far? Are all of your shots going to be the same distance? Are you shooting a league? Are you in a fixed hunting scenario? Home defense?

    The questions can go on and on as you can see. So try to take into consideration all the parameters of your firearm and its intended use. With all of that being said, we will let Vortex Optics‘ info-graphic on zeroing a red dot speak for itself.

    The above info-graphic that Vortex shared on their company’s Facebook Page had this statement to accompany it as well:

    ‘What distance should I zero my red dot?’ – This question comes in all the time, so we figured an infographic with some of the most popular zeroing distances and each of their pro’s and con’s might help you determine which distance is best for your application. Remember – your results may vary based on your firearm, the ammo and your location, but this chart still gets the right idea across. As always – hit us up with any questions!

    When Vortex Optics shared this information on zeroing your red dot they alluded to it being just the beginning of what could be many thought-provoking, but simple graphics in the future. This hint came in the comments section of the actual post on their Facebook page. Overall, we hope you found this information valuable and we will be on the lookout for similar items from Vortex Optics in the future.


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