Demonstration of the effects of blowing up a hand-grenade at the dinner table

Eric B
by Eric B

During the last day of the Swedec EOD Exercise a test was conducted to demonstration an explosion of a hand grenade. The test was done in Sweden and it was captured on high speed camera.

Imagine a family of mannequins sitting at the dinner table. The conversation is a bit silent, but all is happy until a hand-grenade explodes in the middle of the supper.

The scenario is described by the Swedish Armed Forces. (auto translated)

In a home on a sunny day in May, a family will just have lunch. It’s a dad, a pregnant mother and their two children. The scenario is staged and the family is mannequins.

Raise awareness in Sweden

– The hot picture in Swedish society has changed in a short period of time.

Sweden is overrepresented in Europe in terms of hand grenades in society, says Major Jimmy Nilsson for invited presses on the bus to Hamnaryd, the place where the hand grenade will blow up.

“Swedec wants to be proactive as a total defense and competence center and show how dangerous a hand grenade is.

We want to raise awareness among the public and talk about how to get in touch with a hand grenade or something else that looks suspicious, says Jimmy Nilsson and continues:

– Homemade bombs and fireworks such as bangers, for example, occurring in our society, constitute a threat to our security and, in the long run, a threat to our democracy.

– If you see something suspicious as you think is a hand grenade or other explosive, always contact the police clarifying Jimmy Nilsson.

Bang – the windows are blown out by the blast.

The aftermath. What a mess!

You can watch the demonstration below. Please don’t try this in your or any other person’s house.

Got to love the music they’ve chosen for this video.

Auto translation (continued)

Mutilated bodies in a ruined home

The sunny day when a family just wants to have lunch together has been transformed into a tragedy in a second.

– Two people had died immediately and two will die within 30 days, explains Jan-Olof Svärd, surgeon in the Armed Forces.

“In the hand grenade there are small pieces that penetrate the body, they carry bacteria from clothes and skin that cause severe damage,” explains Jan-Olof Svärd.

Some facts:

Swedec (Swedish EOD and Demining Center) is Sweden’s competence center for national and international tasks in the field of ammunition and mining. Swedec’s main mission is to work within the total defense, focusing on education, development and operational support.

Swedec carries out training in separate branches; mine clearance, ammunition clearance of conventional ammunition (CMD), improperly manufactured bombs (IED) clearance and biological and chemical ammunition (BCMD) clearance and handling of explosives in, for example, ammunition stores.

You can find more information (in Swedish only, English doesn’t seem to work) and more pictures from the demonstration. Check here “This is how dangerous a hand-grenade is”.

Eric B
Eric B

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  • Gamle Aker Gamle Aker on Jul 25, 2018

    Birmingham boy killed in grenade explosion in Swedish apartment
    Yuusuf Warsame, eight, was visiting family in Gothenburg when projectile was thrown into flat in possible gang-related attack

  • Jon Barker Jon Barker on Jul 25, 2018

    looks like a blast to me