Virginia State Police Select SIG P320

    Virginia State Police’s new duty sidearm (SIG Sauer)

    The Virginia State Police look to be the latest in a string of recent law enforcement agencies to adopt the SIG Sauer P320 as their next sidearm. It follows recent contracts from police departments across the country including Tampa PDArkansas’ Jacksonville PD and the Texas Department for Public Safety.

    The Virginia State Police have a long history of using SIG pistols, moving to the P228 in the early 1990s and introducing the P229 (DAK) in .357 SIG in 2004. The VSP have just over 2,000 officers and the agency will begin issuing P320s in 2019. It isn’t clear if the VSP will continue to use their current .357 SIG chambering or transition to another.

    SIG released a statement announcing the selection on their website, check it out below:

    SIG SAUER, Inc. is pleased to announce the Virginia State Police has officially selected the SIG SAUER P320 Pistol as their official duty sidearm. The Virginia State Police is comprised of three bureaus, with over 2,100 sworn personnel, providing exemplary service to the public, and other law enforcement and criminal justice agencies, throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia.

    “We are proud to earn the confidence of the Virginia State Police through their selection of the SIG SAUER P320 as their official duty pistol,” began Tom Jankiewicz, Executive Vice President, Law Enforcement Sales, SIG SAUER, Inc. “Due to the modularity of the P320 the Virginia State Police now have the ability to easily customize their standard issue firearm for grip preference, without ever compromising the superior SIG SAUER accuracy, reliability, and safety features they have come to rely on.”
    The P320 is a modular, striker-fired pistol available in full-size, carry, compact, and subcompact sizing. The serialized trigger group makes the P320 adaptable to multiple caliber, size, and grip options. The P320 is available in 9mm, .357SIG, 40S&W, and .45ACP, with a choice of contrast, or SIGLITE Night Sights. The intuitive 3-point takedown requires no trigger pull for disassembly, and safety features include a striker safety, disconnect safety, and optional manual safety.

    The Virginia State Police will begin instruction and training on their SIG SAUER P320 pistols and officially place them into service with the Virginia State Troopers as their official duty sidearm in 2019.
    “It’s a tremendous honor for all of us here at SIG SAUER to be given the opportunity to provide the men and women of the Virginia State Police with this particular firearm. We look forward to continuing our relationship with this prestigious law enforcement agency and supporting their mission,” concluded Jankiewicz.


    Matthew Moss

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