NEW Black Rain BRO Spec15 .224 Valkyrie Complete Uppers

Adam Scepaniak
by Adam Scepaniak

If you have not jumped on the .224 Valkyrie bandwagon yet there is no need to worry. The bandwagon circles around regularly about every 15 minutes. There seems to be a new flavor of ammunition, new tricked out firearm, or as is the case with Black Rain Ordnance (BRO), a new complete upper assembly for your AR-15 platform coming out constantly. They just announced their NEW BRO Spec15 .224 Valkyrie Complete Uppers being sold in addition to the complete firearms they offer as well.

The complete rifles Black Rain offers come in 18″ and 22″ barrel profiles and that is exactly what you can buy independently now. The BRO Spec15 rifles sell for $1,449 for the 18″ model while the 22″ offering goes for $1,499. In comparison, your 18″ complete upper will run you $924 and the 22″ version punches in at $934.

As far as the build out of these complete uppers, Black Rain Ordnance supplies this spec list for most of the components comprising the upper:

  • BRO SPEC-15 Anodized Forged Aluminum Upper Receiver
  • SOCOM Profile, Non-Fluted, Machine-Finished 416R Steel Barrel (1 in 7” Twist Rate)
  • BRO “Let It Rain!” Laser Engraved Dust Cover
  • BRO Multi-Ported Compensator
  • Low Profile, Non-Adjustable Gas Block, Carbine Gas System
  • SPEC-15 Nitride Coated Bolt-Carrier Group (BCG)
  • SPEC-15 Charging Handle W/ Milled Tac Latch
  • BRO M-LOK Slim Handguard

This roll out of complete uppers now marks three new products introduced within the last month. Recently Black Rain Ordnance announced their .450 Bushmaster rifle out of their BRO Spec15 line-up of firearms. The product prior to that one was a muzzle device with their BRO MFR (Black Rain Ordnance Muzzle Flash Regulator).

With compatibility to AR-15 platforms and more manufacturers constantly making ammunition, components and rifles for the .224 Valkyrie, this caliber is beginning to look like it has some staying power. So with the list of pieces Black Rain has poured into this upper, is this something you would entertain buying? Let us know in the comments below! We would be glad to hear your thoughts.

Adam Scepaniak
Adam Scepaniak

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  • Vic Nighthorse Vic Nighthorse on Jul 18, 2018

    At least the name "BRO" (if we forget what it is an acronym for) is better than many other industry rifle line names, especially ones like 'RRage'.

    • Brut Faberge Brut Faberge on Jul 18, 2018

      @Vic Nighthorse Not much better though. I think I'd invest in hemlock if I had to hang with whoever came up with either bright* idea.
      Explaining my BRO or RRage guns to anyone sounds like a nice stroll down a Frisco sidewalk.

  • El Duderino El Duderino on Jul 18, 2018

    Do you even shoot, BRO?

    In a state where the legal hunting caliber is >.23, it doesn't make sense to invest so much in what amounts to a range toy only. A 6.5G or C rifle can pull double duty.