Turkish MERTSAV Defense Unveils TAR-40 Grenade Launcher

by Miles

The Turkish firearm component manufacturing company MERTSAV Defense has recently unveiled an under barrel 40x46mm Low-Velocity grenade launcher, as revealed by posts on Pakistan Defense forum. The launcher utilizes an M1913 Picatinny rail attachment system to marry to the 6 o’clock rail on any rifle so equipped. We don’t know too much about the system, but from the single photograph online it appears that the barrel is under at least 12 inches in length, swings to one side upon opening, has a manual safety positioned just being the base of the 40x46mm cartridge, has a full pistol grip with the barrel latching button inside it, and has a short Picatinny rail section positioned just ahead of the trigger guard and underneath the barrel, on the frame of the system. In the image shown, there is an attached forward grip on the launcher.

Although not shown, it would appear that the launcher can be affixed to a standalone stock with a Picatinny rail segment, allowing it to be detached from the rifle. It could also be fired on its own separate from stock and rifle, but with decreased accuracy and some discomfort.

Due to Turkey’s close connection with Germany in terms of small arms procurement, licensing, and design, it would appear that MERTSAV Defense has attempted to imitate the H&K M320, currently in use in militaries across the world. The positioning of the safety, barrel release latch, forward grip, and polymer construction of non-pressure bearing components appear to support this.

Image from Wikipedia. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M320_Grenade_Launcher_Module

As of yet, we don’t have an official solicitation from the Turkish Armed Forces that is public and has an operational requirement for a grenade launcher for the MPT76 rifle. Although the launcher itself is mounted to what appears to be an MPT76 patterned handguard, it could just be for display. There have been previous attempts to marry the currently issued Turkish launcher (nomenclature T-40) to the MPT76 but it appears that the system was far too bulky to be a worthy piece of equipment in use by Turkish Infantrymen.

The image appearing on Canadian Gun Nutz- https://www.canadiangunnutz.com/forum/showthread.php/1183928-2015-Shot-Show-MKEK-MPT-76-The-new-Turkish-Military-Battle-Rifle/page5
Current T-40 in use by Turkish troops. https://images.dailytrust.com.ng/cms/gall_content/2016/5/2016_5$largeimg102_May_2016_205155477.jpg

MERTSAV Defense is no stranger to producing 40x46mm grenade launchers, apparently making the components for the MKEK T-40 for some time now. It would seem that with this TAR-40, the company is trying to go after a new grenade launcher contract to replace the T-40 and make the entire launcher themselves.


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  • Gunsandrockets Gunsandrockets on Jul 17, 2018


    Can a rail mount stand up to 40mm recoil?

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    • Int19h Int19h on Jul 17, 2018

      @gunsandrockets It can, if it's designed for it. Most aftermarket AR rails are not, and most manufacturers won't warranty them for that scenario. I was doing some research for a build that intend to mount an LMT M203 on eventually, and had to ask around. LMT's own handguards can do it, of course; others that advertise that are Daniel Defense and LWRC. I've also heard that URX can handle it, but haven't seen anything official on this from KAC. Some companies say "it probably works, but we haven't tried".

  • Anomanom Anomanom on Jul 17, 2018

    It's the MEATSAV. It'll save your meat.