Strike Industries Glock 17 Slide Prototype

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Strike Industries Glock 17 Slide Prototype (2)

Strike Industries has published on their social media pages images of a Glock 17 slide prototype that is expected to hit the shelves soon. Although no details are released concerning the materials, coatings, and design of this slide in general, we can still make some assumptions based on the mentioned images. Let’s see what Strike Industries is going to launch next.

Strike Industries Glock 17 Slide Prototype (1)

As you can see, this slide has a number of custom machining done to it. The slide serrations have a different shape and are milled at an angle compared to the stock slide serrations. The slide is also milled for a Trijicon RMR red dot sight. The front portion of the slide has two sets of ports probably designed for use with ported barrels. This G17 slide also features front cocking serrations located below the front ports. There are also relief cuts on top of the slide (between the ports) and on the opposite side of the ejection port. With all the ports and relief cuts, this should be a really lightweight slide.

Strike Industries Glock 17 Slide Prototype (6)

I assume the iron sights are also prototypes made by the company. What looks like a flat fiber optic insert in the front sight post is especially interesting.

Strike Industries Glock 17 Slide Prototype (4)

The shown pistol is equipped with a Strike Industries SlideComp compensator. Looks like they are also developing a Glock magazine extension. Reportedly the company will introduce Glock barrels, too.

I think if not released simultaneously, then shortly after the release of this slide the company will also introduce one for the Glock 19 pistol. Hopefully, these will also be affordable products. We have seen multiple times Strike Industries delivering cool products which are also priced right.

If you have noticed anything significant that I missed to describe, let us know in the comments section. Also, share your thoughts concerning this product in general.

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