Washington State May Put Initiative 1639 On November Ballot

Jim H
by Jim H

An organization called Alliance for Gun Responsibility has collected 360,000 signatures to get Initiative 1639, a firearms safety proposal on the November ballot. This initiative advertises that it will raise the legal age to purchase semi-automatic weapons in Washington State to 21. It would also require gun owners to secure any firearms kept in their homes. This initiative is financially backed by some residents of Washington State like Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, and venture capitalist Nick Hanauer.

Gun rights supporters had asked the Washngton State Supreme Court to invalidate the petitions because the petition does not include all of the changes 1639 would make in Washington state gun laws. Alan Gotlieb, Executive Vice President and founder of the Second Amendment Foundation stated that “The microscopic maze of fine print used by the initiative disguised the actual language of the measure on the back of the petitions, which violates state law.” But on Tuesday July 3rd, a Washington state Supreme Court commissioner dismissed the effort to keep it off of the ballot.

The denial isn’t likely to dissuade the efforts of the SAF to keep this off of the ballot. Alan Gotlieb wrote in an email, “We are filing a motion to reconsider as I write this.”

If the initiative makes it on to the November ballot, both sides will most likely spend large amounts of money to convince the citizens of Washington to vote their way. It is unknown at this time if any group like the NRA will back the campaign to try to defeat 1639. In 2014 and 2016 voters approved several safety measures like expanding background checks.

Jim H
Jim H

Jim H lives in Kent, Washington with his lovely wife. Loves the outdoors and has been hunting and shooting most of his life. Cotton tail rabbits, doves and ducks used to shiver in fear when he was around! He has been around long enough to remember keeping his .22 rifle on the gun rack of his truck and drove it to high school! Mostly now, he loves to spend time at the range shooting handguns, and learning and reading as much as he can about all firearms.

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  • 2ThinkN_Do2 2ThinkN_Do2 on Jul 17, 2018

    Sadly, I know too many firearm owners, that think there are some laws that would help prevent accidental incidents . . . and I am like, why do you need a law to tell you, to do intelligent things? Do you heed speed limit, and DUI laws all the time? All I heard was silence . . .

  • Gk.price Gk.price on Jul 19, 2018

    if EVERYONE does each of these things we can beat the "communist take over"
    1) Cabela's has the "round up for the NRA" when at checkout, typically a few cents
    2) join the NRA no matter what you think of the leadership (even though Oliver North is now the President of the NRA) You get a GREAT magazine with the membership
    3) VOTE - VOTE - VOTE
    4) every single firearm issue that comes your way is FOR the second amendment