Liberty Suppressors Introduces the VECTOR Rimfire Silencer

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Liberty Suppressors Introduces the VECTOR Rimfire Silencer (4)

Liberty Suppressors has introduced a new rimfire can called Vector. It is designed from the ground up to be a modular, user serviceable product that is easy to disassemble and clean even after high round count. Here is how the company describes this suppressor:

Vector is something that has direction as well as magnitude. For us this is a new direction from the merging of two other energies. Tried and true designs of the past and our ever burning desire to make something better. Combining these two things has “vectored” us in a new direction with rimfire technology. The most notable is the use of “stacked baffles” inside of a tube. Rather than using the tube as a pressure vessel, like most other designs out there, we have used it merely as a supporting structure that holds the baffled-tube design together instead. This allows us a lot of latitude in design that we did not have available before. This latitude brings many things to the table for you like, simple layout, ease of maintenance, light weight, good suppression, and modularity.

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The outer tube of the Vector suppressor is made of aluminum and has a 1.125″ diameter. This suppressor also comes with a one-inch extension which is what makes it a modular design. You can configure it to be as short as 5″ or you can add that extension which contains two more baffles that will provide a bit more sound suppression. The overall weight of this rimfire can is 5-6 oz depending on the length.

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The baffles of the Vector suppressor are made of 18-8 stainless steel. According to the company, the advantage of stainless steel baffles is that they can be cleaned with any method including use of a variety of solvents and even sandblasting. The baffles have a special geometry that prevents carbon and lead from building up at their joint line. The baffles also form a self-contained unit preventing the gasses to pass and build up between the baffle stack and the outer tube. All these features make it easier to disassemble and clean the Vector suppressor.

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The disassembly of the front cap requires a use of a 3/8″ ratchet and in order to disassemble the rear cap, you’ll need to use the tool that comes with the suppressor. Below you can find a video showing the disassembly process of the Vector silencer.

To see how the Vector suppressor works and to learn more about other features of this can, watch the Liberty Suppressors video embedded below.

Liberty Suppressors Vector rimfire silencer is listed on the company’s website at an MSRP of $348.

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