Sureshot Armament Group HK417/MR308/MR762 M-LOK Handguards

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by Hrachya H
Sureshot Armament Group HK417MR308MR762 M-LOK Handguards (1)

Sureshot Armament Group has released a couple of M-LOK handguards designed for the Heckler & Koch HK417/MR308/MR762 rifles. These rifles originally come with Picatinny rails or HKey accessory mounting system or combination of both. Let’s take a look at the features and specs of these new SAG handguards.

The Sureshot Armament Group’s HK417/MR308/MR762 handguards are available in two length options: 9.5″ (241mm) and 15.5″ (394mm). The handguards are CNC machined out of 6061-T6 aluminum extrusions and feature anodized finish. Each of the versions is available either in black or FDE color options.

The company specifically points out the light weight of these handguards. The shorter version weighs 9.8 oz (279 grams) and the weight of the longer one is 13.7 oz (389 grams). They claim to make the lightest handguards for these rifles by saying:

With under 1oz per inch weight ratio our handguards are lightiest solution for HK417 \ MR308 \ MR762 available today.

Sureshot Armament Group HK417MR308MR762 M-LOK Handguards (4)

Below you can also find a video from the SAG Instagram page introducing these new handguards.

The prices of these Sureshot Armament Group handguards vary from €353 to €410 (about $415 to $482) depending on the length and the color choice. These are the prices for the European customers. For US orders the prices will be decreased by 21%. That’s the amount of value added tax which is subtracted from the price for non-EU orders.

You may think why are they designing aftermarket parts for such a rare weapon? But it was not surprising to me when I learned about this product. Having a chance to visit the SAG premises and knowing the key people of the company, I can assure you that these guys can see even the non-obvious demand and evaluate the size of the market correctly.

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  • James Wilson James Wilson on Jul 10, 2018

    Shame they don't make the MR762 with a 20 inch barrel. I'd be on that like a Democrat on a welfare check.

  • ClintTorres ClintTorres on Jul 11, 2018

    Mlok rail that costs as much as an AR? Where do I send my check?

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    • SlippinJimmy SlippinJimmy on Jul 12, 2018

      @ClintTorres Not to pile on, but odds are good that if you own an MR762, you're not thinking about things like "price" or other things important to most of us...