New Ed Brown LABYRINTH 1911 Grips

    New Ed Brown LABYRINTH 1911 Grips (1)

    Ed Brown has added a new 1911 grip pattern to their line of grips. News about new 1911 grips doesn’t seem to be something significant enough to write an article about, but the new Ed Brow Labyrinth series of grips look so beautiful that I thought I should share it with our readers.

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    Ed Brown FX1 pistol with Labyrinth grips

    Ed Brown Labyrinth grips come in two material options and two sizes. You can order them either made of black phenolic or cocobolo wood. The two size options include the standard Government size and the Ed Brown Bobtail shape.

    New Ed Brown LABYRINTH 1911 Grips (6)

    Left to right: Government size cocobolo, Bobtail cocobolo, Government size phenolic, Bobtail phenolic

    Here is how Ed Brown describes the properties of the different materials that their grips are made from (quoted from the company’s website):

    High performance guns need high performance grips. Laminate grips are stronger and more consistent in pattern and coloring than natural wood similar to that of Cocobolo wood, while G10 is an extremely durable composite material. Cocobolo wood is the most dense and strongest of all the rosewoods, and considered the most beautiful exotic wood due to it’s colors and highly figured grain patterns. Because of its density, it is the wood of choice for high quality handgun grips. Many different styles to choose from.

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    Regardless of the material and shape choice, the MSRP of all Ed Brown Labyrinth grips is identical – $55. For additional $20 (must be specified in order notes) you can also order an ambidextrous safety cut.

    New Ed Brown LABYRINTH 1911 Grips (3)

    Although I haven’t shot a 1911 pistol with the Labyrinth pattern grips, I am pretty sure that this pattern not only looks beautiful but also will perform great in terms of providing a firm purchase on the grip. What do you think about these grips? Would you like to have them on your pistol or do you think they are excessively futuristic for your 1911?

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