Cobalt Kinetics 50 State Legal "Forged Upper Conversion Kit" Lower Receiver

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Earlier this year, Cobalt Kinetics introduced the Model 27 rifle which has an angled pistol grip that extends rearward and becomes the stock of the rifle. This weapon is 50 state legal. Recently, the company has announced the launch of what they call Forged Upper Conversion Kit which is basically a modified Model 27 lower receiver made compatible with standard AR-15 upper receivers.

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Although the company states that the original reason of making the Model 27 rifle was to design an AR-pattern firearm that would have the feel of a more traditional rifle, perhaps its most important feature is the absence of a pistol grip and collapsible stock which made it 50 state compliant. The drawback of the Model 27 is that it has a low rate of parts compatibility with the standard AR-15 rifles. What they did with the Forged Upper Conversion Kit is redesigned its geometry to fit the standard AR-15 lower receiver parts (triggers, buffers etc.) and also make this lower receiver seamlessly fit the mil-spec AR-15 upper receivers. And of course, it is still a 50 state legal product.

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The Cobalt Kinetics press release announcing this new product, quotes the word of Skylar Stewart, the Vice President of Cobalt Kinetics, who said:

We have always heard the needs of our dealers and clients…More restrictive states (especially California) have been looking for a legal solution to a complicated and ever-changing legislative environment. We are proud of the Forged Upper Conversion Kit and we believe it’s the best way to maintain as much functionality as possible with the AR platform. It can be configured to be legal in all 50 states. The only non-standard parts this platform uses are included in the kit. California is a large and rich gun market that just suffered the enactment of the most sweeping anti-gun legislation since their 1999 assault weapon ban. If you look at the Forged Upper Conversion Kit, it’s apparent that it’s very labor intensive. It’s not an easy thing to produce at Cobalt’s level of quality. This kit is not about supporting our financial bottom line. We want to make this kit accessible to as many people as possible to make a real difference. It’s ridiculous for responsible gun owners to be turned into criminals overnight by misguided laws. At this moment we’re hoping to help support and maintain the shooting culture in our country.

Here is the list of parts that are included with this lower receiver and those you should get separately to complete it:

The Forged Upper Conversion Kit is supplied as a stripped builder’s kit- it includes all the non-standard parts required for its assembly and use (trigger guard, bolt catch screw, selector and takedown detent springs). For builder convenience, the kit comes with the buffer retainer already installed.

The builder must supply the following items: Buffer, buffer spring, trigger, trigger pins, safety selector, selector detent, takedown and pivot pins and detents, bolt catch, bolt catch plunger and spring, magazine catch, magazine release button, and complete functioning upper receiver assembly.

Hex drivers required for assembly and adjustment: 1/16″, 3/32” , 7/64” , 5/32” , 3/16”.

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The Cobalt Kinetics Forged Upper Conversion Kit is made of 7075 T6 aluminum and has a Cerakote finish of one of the following six color options: OD Green, Gray, FDE, Cobalt, Black and Stainless. The stripped lower receiver weighs 2.8 lbs. It has an adjustable length of pull (14.25”-15.75”). The buttpad is also adjustable within a one-inch range.

Cobalt Kinetics 50 State Legal Forged Upper Conversion Kit Lower Receiver (1)

Cobalt Kinetics Forged Upper Conversion Kit lower receiver is listed on the company’s website at an MSRP of $699.

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