Australian Defence Force Tests Israeli SMASH Intelligent Sighting System

    A Smart Shooter promo photograph showing the SMASH system mounted on an AR-15. (Smart Shooter)

    The Australian Defence Force has announced it will trial the Israeli SMASH computer aided sighting system from Smart Shooter. Smart Shooter, based in Yagur, Israel, offer a range of rifle mounted electro-optical fire control systems. The company claims that by combining “simple-to-install hardware with our own advanced image-processing software” they can cost effectively turn “basic small arms into 21st century smart weapons.”

    SMASH 2000

    A view of the rear of the SMASH 2000 fire control system (Smart Shooter)

    Smart Shooter’s SMASH made its international debut at the Eurosatory 2018 defence exhibition in Paris last month and back in May 2018 the Israel Defense Force cleared the SMASH for operational deployment.

    According to Jane’s 360 Smart Shooter have teamed up with Thales Australia, the manufacturer of Australia’s EF88 rifle to produce the F90-SMASH. The statement said that the new rifle will “dramatically improves the soldier’s ability to hit targets accurately” and that “Once the shooter decides on a specific target, everything else is taken over by the technology.” The new fire control system will attach to the F90’s via the rifle’s top picatinny rail like a conventional optic.

    Task Group Taji 5 Sergeant Adam Thomas demonstrates weapon handling with the new EF88 assault rifle during training prior to deployment. Australian Defence Force photo, public domain.The company currently offers four versions of the SMASH system: SMASH 2000 (base model), SMASH 2000 Plus (with drone mode), SMASH 2000M (with 4 power magnification) and SMASH 2000N (with enhanced night capabilities). It remains unclear which of these the Australian Defence Forces are interested in.

    – Increases lethality and survivability
    – Counters static and dynamic targets
    – Reduces effects of stress and physical effort
    – Suitable for diverse combat scenarios
    – Reduces collateral damage
    – Drastically shortens time-to-hit
    – Ensures precision hits with minimal training
    – Equalises high-performance skills across platoon
    – Add-on to legacy weapons, firing standard ammunition

    While the Smart Shooter website does not give the weight or dimensions of the system it appears to be at least 3 inches in width and may pose some issues with weapon balance. The SMASH system also utilises a forward pressure switch to select targets, this may pose a potential issue as the F90, based on the AUG, has limited forward mounting space. However, the system has been successfully mounted on the X-95, so it appears these potential issues can be addressed.

    For more information check out Miles’ article from April here.

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