Black Aces Tactical "Shockwave Semi" Shotguns

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Black Aces Tactical Shockwave Semi Shotguns (12)

Black Aces Tactical has released the Shockwave Semi shotguns. These are Remington 1100/1187-based semi-automatic shotguns redesigned to have a similar layout as the Remington 870 Tac-14 and Mossberg 590 Shockwave. These shotguns come either in SBS or non-NFA configurations.

Black Aces Tactical Shockwave Semi 12 SBS

It is important to know that unlike the mentioned pump action shotguns, the Shockwave Semi 12″ SBS has a 12″ barrel and it is not a “firearm” but a short barreled shotgun (SBS) requiring a tax stamp and all the necessary paperwork to acquire one. Unlike the TAC-14 and 590 Shockwave, the Black Aces Tactical Shockwave Semi 12″ SBS was originally manufactured as a shotgun and had a stock hence it can’t fit the same “firearm” category. If you don’t mind to have a longer barrel (18.5″), then you can purchase the Shockwave Semi 18.5 Non-NFA which as its name implies is a non-NFA item.

Black Aces Tactical Shockwave Semi 18.5Non-NFA

What’s cool about the Shockwave Semi shotguns is that Black Aces Tactical has completely redesigned the recoil mechanism making it possible to mount the bird’s head grips. They also managed to make these shotguns function properly with such a short barrel and dwell time. Moreover, the company guarantees that these shotguns will cycle both the high and low brass ammunition.

The overall length of the SBS version of these shotguns is 24.75″ and the Shockwave Semi Non-NFA is 30.75″ long. You can find below other features of these shotguns quoted from the manufacturer’s website:

  • Relocate recoil mechanism
  • Cycles BOTH low and high brass
  • Machine OEM recoil tube to fit Shockwave grip
  • Reduce reciprocating mass
  • Various machining throughout to improve performance
  • Modify oem trigger latch
  • Address the underperforming OEM gas system
  • Capacity 4+1(12″), 6+1(18.5″)
  • Choate Tactical Charge handle standard
  • Choate 2 shot magazine extension standard on 18.5″ barrel lengths
  • Features Shockwave Raptor Grip and Hogue Tamer Grip respectively “
Black Aces Tactical Shockwave Semi 12 SBS with a Voodoo Tactical Shotgun Scabbard

The Shockwave Semi 12″ SBS and 18.5″ Non-NFA shotguns are available for purchase on Black Aces Tactical website. These shotguns are priced identically and have an MSRP of $949. It is also possible to order the shotguns with smooth or stippled (three patterns available) grips. The Shockwave Semi SBS also comes with a free Voodoo Tactical scabbard.

Images by Black Aces Tactical

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