Battle Arms Development: Rocking Full Auto with the Tanker and Paratrooper SBRs

by Miles

For this episode, we took a trip to the folks at Battle Arms Development in Las Vegas and were able to get our hands on some of the companies newest rifle entries that were premiered at SHOT this year. The Tanker and the Paratrooper is sort of the manifestation of Battle Arms in the company entering the full rifle market from the parts manufacturing business. They also have a lightweight piece, a .308 rifle, but these aren’t covered as much in the episode above.

Shooting these full auto SBRs was seriously a blast of a time. Due to the proprietary buffer and spring that the company has developed, the rifles are extremely controllable on full auto, despite being in .300 BLK. We were also about to get our hands on one of their 5.56x45mm variants, which was unfairly easy to control with the rock’n’roll switch engaged.

But apart from the actual functionality, the rifles are extremely aesthetically appealing to the eye and even to the touch with the French walnut grips. You can tell Battle Arms puts a lot of effort into making these SBRs unique in many respects.




Lightweight AR15

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  • HSR47 HSR47 on Jul 08, 2018

    "This is an SBR and it's actually an MG..."

    No. No it isn't. Those are completely different categories of guns. The autosear hole is drilled, so that's an MG, not an SBR.

    Literally the ONLY way to have a combination of parts registered both ways is to have a registered host (SBR) with a registered conversion device installed (MG). This is typically only seen with AR hosts used with RDIAS/RLL, and HK uppers used with registered sears/trigger packs. Even then, the MG always takes precedence: With the conversion part(s) in place, the whole combination of parts is a machinegun -- the host is only registered for convenience when the conversion parts are removed.

  • Wzrd Wzrd on Jul 09, 2018

    Any ETA on the release of those CHs?