Strike Industries Glock Grip Plug Tool

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    Shortly after teasing the Glock Grip Plug Tool, Strike Industries has released this product to the market. This device is designed to be inserted into the grip cavity of Glock pistols. It allows storing and carrying with the gun a couple of useful tools.

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    Strike Industries Glock Grip Plug Tool contains a simple tool which represents a 7/64″ hex key that has a flat head screwdriver tip on one end. This tool can be used as a pin punch and sight adjustment tool. There is also a small oil reservoir in this grip plug allowing to store a little amount of oil for field lubrication. When installed, the Glock Grip Plug Tool also works as a magazine ramp helping to guide the magazines into the grip/magazine well. The whole assembly is also quite lightweight weighing only 0.29 oz (about 8 grams).

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    The flat head screwdriver can be used as a sight adjustment tool

    Here is a disclaimer quoted from the manufacturer’s website stating the compatibility of this grip plug with Glock pistol models and possible issues with some of them:

    Disclaimer: For Glock Gen 3 models (ONLY) 17,19,22,23,31,32,34,35. NOT for Gen 4/5/19X models Also Compatible with P80 PF940C. Minor sanding and hand fitting is required for magazines to be able to drop freely with COMPACT models (19,23,32).

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    The hex key can be used as a pin punch

    The installation process is very simple. All you need to do is to push it into the grip cavity and it will snap in place. The removal is also easy requiring simply pulling the grip plug out. The installation and use of the Strike Industries Grip Plug Tool are shown in the video embedded below.

    Strike Industries Glock Grip Plug Tool is available on the manufacturer’s website at an MSRP of $9.95.

    There you go – another simple, cool, useful and affordable accessory made by Strike Industries!

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