80% Shotgun Receiver Set by Logic Industries

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80% Shotgun Receiver Set by Logic Industries (6)

You probably know that there are 80% AR-15 lower receivers and Glock frames. But did you know that there is a company called Logic Industries that makes an 80% shotgun receiver? Even if you know about this company, then the good news for you is that their 80% receiver set is now available for preorder.

80% Shotgun Receiver Set by Logic Industries (5)

Let’s see how Logic Industries describes this product:

The CS12-80 is a hybrid combat shotgun which combines the rugged reliability of the Mossberg 500 12ga pump action with the ergonomic controls and ease of handling of the AR-15.

Our receiver kits are compatible with all lengths of current production Mossberg 500 & 590 Shockwave magazine tubes and barrels.

Some or all older production Mossberg 500 and 590 or even Maverick 88 parts kits may work as well, but have not been tested and are thus NOT guaranteed to fit or operate properly.

And yes, since it will have never been a shotgun before you get it, you could use this receiver set to build a “firearm” using a 14″ Shockwave barrel and an AR15 buffer tube mounted arm brace.

80% Shotgun Receiver Set by Logic Industries (9)

Logic Industries CS12-80 80% receiver set is a two-piece design consisting of the upper and lower parts. The upper receiver features a monolithic top Picatinny rail. The lower receiver is compatible with AR-15 pistol grips, buffer tube and mil-spec trigger mechanism. There is also an ambidextrous bolt lock/release lever on the lower receiver.

According to Logic industries, in order to complete this receiver set, you’ll need to machine the two sets of denial islands inside the upper receiver, the fire control group compartment in the lower receiver, trigger, hammer pin holes and the safety selector hole, bolt lock hole and lastly, the takedown pin holes must be enlarged after all the mentioned operations. You can learn more about other features of this receiver as well as procedures required to complete it by watching the video embedded below.

As mentioned in the first paragraph of this article, the Logic Industries CS12-80 80% shotgun receiver set is now available for preorder at an MSRP of $450. Below you can find the list of parts that come with this receiver set and those that need to be purchased separately to complete the build.

What’s Included:

80% complete Upper and Lower Receivers (NO ENGRAVING except for S/F markings on lower)
All Required Hardware to Assemble the Receivers themselves (cap screws, allen nuts, dowel pins, etc)
Take Down Pin Assemblies
New Firing Pin
New Firing Pin Return Spring
Wolff Extra Power AR15 Hammer Spring
Field Stripping Hand Tool Set (all tools required to field strip the finished shotgun)
Jig Plate Set (Jig & Cheek plates that you can use to finish the machine work on the receivers using a trim router and a hand drill)

What’s NOT Included (but you’ll still need):

ALL the parts from a stock 12ga Mossberg 500 pump action shotgun except for the following:

original receiver
trigger pack assembly
take down pin
firing pin
firing pin return spring

The following AR-15 parts:

pistol grip
mil-spec semi-auto fire control group (trigger, hammer, disconnector, pins, and springs)
safety selector
safety selector detent & spring
buffer tube (A2 for fixed stock, M4 for adjustable stock)
receiver end plate (not needed for fixed stock)
buffer tube jam nut (not needed for fixed stock)
buttstock (A2 fixed or M4 adjustable)

The following cutting tools (available for sale as a separate kit):

1/2″ OD center cutting endmill or top bearing flush trim router bit (shank sized to fit your router)
5/32″ stub length twist drill
3/8″ stub length twist drill
0.257″ (Letter ‘F’) jobber length twist drill

Images from www.80percentshotgun.com

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