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FN M4 Gun blueprints

Top 5 Gear / Mods / Features of Triggrcon 2018

In this episode of TFBTV, Ivan (from Kit Badger) runs through his top 5 pieces of gear / mods / features from Triggrcon 2018. Triggrcon is a 4 day firearms convention that happens every year up in the Pacific North West. Bringing all kinds of great industry manufacturers and dealers together such as [Read More…]

Red dot ready

Interview with Larry Vickers: is AK obsolete? 5.45 or 7.62? What are the essential AK upgrades?

If you’re having any problems with the embed video, you can use this link: Recently, Larry Vickers visited Russia to take some high-quality pictures for his new book – VICKERS GUIDE: KALASHNIKOV (Volume [Read More…]

Allen Arms Swiss precision Model 19 Classic ETS MP5 MP5 Iraq range Torsion IWB