BREAKING: Gemtech Headquarters Will Close


    What a difference a year makes. Last June we announced that Gemtech was breaking ground on a new world headquarters. Last night we learned that in six to nine months Gemtech will no longer exist in Idaho. At a company meeting yesterday, the remaining Gemtech employees were told that the facility would close and that all business would be moved to Smith & Wesson’s headquarters in Springfield, Massachusetts.

    TFB contacted the leadership team at the American Outdoor Brands Corporation, the parent company to Gemtech and S&W for clarification on the employee meeting. Spokesperson and Vice President Elizabeth Sharp explained that while it was ultimately a hard decision, the best opportunities for the Gemtech Brand going forward lies in moving all operations under S&W facilities.

    While it is certainly the end of the era for Gemtech, personally I hope the shift allows for silencer innovation, efficient production and increased satisfaction.

    The official comment can be found below.


    After careful consideration, we’ve made the decision to move our Gemtech business from Idaho to our headquarters facility in Massachusetts.  We remain excited about the opportunities for this business, and believe those opportunities can be best optimized from our Massachusetts location.  As a result of the decision, we will close our Idaho location in approximately six to nine months once the Gemtech business has transitioned.  Over that period of time, we will be working closely with our nine employees in Idaho to ensure a smooth transition.

    Elizabeth A. Sharp, American Outdoor Brands Corporation


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