Nikon Launches Microsite for BLACK Series Optics

by Pete

Optics manufacturer Nikon released a Microsite dedicated to their Black line of sport optics that includes scopes, red dots and range finders. Although the move could be considered a bit vanilla, it does signal additional dedication to optics for the shooting, hunting and tactical world. Traditionally, Nikon has focused on their core business of manufacturing cameras and lenses for the recreational and professional photography market. Details on the Microsite can be found below.

Nikon Launches Microsite for BLACK Series Optics

Melville, NY (June 27, 2018) – Nikon today announced the launch of, an all-new interactive microsite developed for its flagship BLACK precision long-range optics line.

The new microsite engages visitors through 360° views, video and other interactive means while exploring the new BLACK FX1000 Match-Ready FFP optic and BLACK RANGEX 4K laser rangefinder.

Nikon Inc. is the U.S. distributor of Nikon sports and recreational optics, world-renowned Nikon 35mm cameras, digital cameras, speedlights and accessories, Nikkor lenses and electronic imaging products.

What do you get when you dedicate a century to building some of the finest optics on the planet to satisfy the needs and desires of the most critical users? BLACK—Nikon’s flagship range of tactical optics.

The proving ground for thousands of engineering hours focused on bringing painstakingly precise, highly innovative products to the hands and eyes of shooters, BLACK brings a new level of performance —and expectation— to the tactical optics world.

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  • RocketScientist RocketScientist on Jul 01, 2018

    So this article is about Nikon introducing a new "microsite" for their Black line of optics... am I the only one here who doesn't know wtf a "microsite" is? The author never really explains, and the quoted press release doesn't either. From the context, it sounds like they're just describing a website... but then why use an entirely different word for it? I therefore presume there is a difference. I'm in my 30s but I feel like a total grandpa right now. For future reference, if you're going to use some obscure or new marketing term-of-art it might be useful to briefly define it for your users who don't work in the online industry.

    • Doubleoevan Doubleoevan on Jul 03, 2018


      Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.

      P.S. I generally can’t stand microsites. They’re like a marketing person’s wet dream who forgot to talk to actual web designers and UX people.

  • Raz-0 Raz-0 on Jul 05, 2018

    looks like sig lit a fire under Nikons butt with their integrated system.

    The only thing I can say about it is a 4k range finder with only 6x magnification? Usually the aiming point is something like 5MOA, and some math is done polling the zones within the ranging sensitive area to determine what you are aiming at. Dunno that the 4k yards is going to be that testable or usable.

    Hmm looks like non reflective reins in that 4000 yards to 1700 and "deer" is 1500. At least the MSRP isn't stupid.