Lone Wolf Introduces the BATTLECAM Cerakote Camouflage

    Lone Wolf Distributors has announced that they are now offering a Cerakote camouflaging service. The camo pattern is called Battlecam and comes in three options: Black, Urban and Desert. The company offers these patterns both for their slides and frames as well as for OEM Glock slides/frames.

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    The press release announcing the new Battlecam camouflage pattern availability is quite funny. Here is how it goes:

    Have you ever thought “man it would be so cool if I could drop my gun in the woods and completely lose it?” No of course not, that would be very odd. But that’s the only negative side effect to getting your slide, or frame refinished with our new Battlecam Cerakote finish!

    There are so many different options for Cerakote, you need something that’s going to really make your gun stand out – or in this case, blend in.

    Sure, you’ll have to put up with silly jokes from your friends about how your slide is invisible, but it’ll be worth it.

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    According to the company, the Black option provides a “stark, black on grey pattern with a hint of Battleworn flare” whereas the Urban and Desert patterns are more colorful. And of course, being a Cerakote finish, this camouflage is not just a paint but a corrosion resistant coating.

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    The price for slide coating service is $149.95 regardless of the camouflage pattern choice. This price includes applying the camo on the bare slide, however, if you buy a Lone Wolf slide and Alpha Wolf compensator, they will apply the camouflage to both parts at the same price. The frame camouflage price is also $149.95. If you opt to order both the slide and frame to be camouflaged, then this service will cost you $274.95, again, regardless of the camo pattern choice.

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    If you want to send the frame and slide of your pistol for applying a Battlecam camouflage, here is what you have to do and expect:

    Slides and lowers need to be completely disassembled before shipping to us. A new channel liner will be required (we can remove and install for you). If you have plastic OEM sights, they will be destroyed during removal and new sights will also need to be purchased.

    No returns or refunds are issued on custom services.

    Lead times run from 5-6 weeks.

    Images from www.lonewolfdist.com

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