GeePlate Introduces Baseplates for Glock 29/30/30s, SIG P365 and SA XD-S Pistols

Hrachya H
by Hrachya H
GeePlate Adds Baseplates for Glock 293030s, SIG P365 and SA XD-S Pistols (3)

About a month ago we talked about the GeePlate handgun magazine baseplate. Back then there were only two models compatible with the G43 or G26/27/33/39 pistols. When that article was published the company was still designing a similar baseplate for the SIG P365. And recently, GeePlate published a press release announcing that not only the SIG P365 baseplate is now available for purchase but also identical products for the G29, G30, G30s as well as Springfield Armory XD-S pistols chambered in 9x19mm or .40S&W.

GeePlate Adds Baseplates for Glock 293030s, SIG P365 and SA XD-S Pistols (2)

As in the case of the previous GeePlate baseplate models, the new ones neither add the magazine capacity nor provide a pinky rest to these subcompact pistols’ grips. GeePlate baseplates simply add a forward extension on the base of the grip which is designed to improve the draw and retention of subcompact pistols as well as increase the controllability of the follow-up shots.

GeePlate Adds Baseplates for Glock 293030s, SIG P365 and SA XD-S Pistols (1)

All the new models of GeePlate baseplates are sold at the same price – $14.95. Note also that unlike the previous models that are sold in pairs, the price of $14.95 for new models is per one baseplate.

In their press release, the company also informed that “to facilitate a faster release we are selling these plates through The latter is a 3D printing service that helps the individuals and companies to design and manufacture products using their additive manufacturing capabilities. So the newly introduced GeePlate baseplates are 3D printed products.

I think services like those provided by Shapeways are quite interesting and can boost the product development in the firearms industry. The possibility to design and print products or prototypes via a user-friendly interface and without the need to invest in expensive 3D printing equipment should be a great tool, especially for the startup companies or for inventors that have a product idea and need a quick prototyping mean for proving the viability of the concept.

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Hrachya H
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  • D D on Jun 27, 2018

    My opinion is that the best base pad for the P365 mag comes installed on the 12-round mag. Makes it MUCH easier to control and adds two rounds :)

  • AZgunner AZgunner on Jun 28, 2018

    Thank god. I really needed my pistol to not have greater capacity or a more comfortable grip, but constantly poke my abdomen.