8x50R Austrian M1895 Mannlicher Straight-Pull – the original!

Mike B
by Mike B

In this video, Mike takes a look at an 8x50R M1895 Austrian Mannlicher straight-pull long rifle, and takes it out to 300m for a shoot. In the discussion, he talks about how you can keep an 8x50R fed despite there being no ammo available (hint – trimmed 7.62x54R brass), and describes how the Austrians loved their M95’s, but the Swiss hated their model 1893 cavalry carbines, which use basically the same action but with a detachable magazine, and busts some myths.

M95 Mannlicher straight pull 8x50R Austrian
M95/30 Mannlicher 8x56R
M1893 Swiss Mannlicher cavalry carbine 7.5×53.5 GP90
M1911 Carbine (K11), 7.5×55 GP11 Swiss

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Mike B
Mike B

Mike was lucky enough to go to a school with a 25 yard smallbore range, only 25 minutes from the centre of British shooting at Bisley, and had a firearms certificate before he had a driver's license. Moving to a more gun-friendly country has allowed him to service his milsurp habit. He lives up in the mountains in Switzerland and vlogs at YouTube as Bloke on the Range. He can be reached at mike@tfb.tv.

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  • Tassiebush Tassiebush on Jun 27, 2018

    Thanks for filling in a significant gap in my knowledge!

  • RocketScientist RocketScientist on Jun 27, 2018

    Man, I always really WANT to like BOtR's videos... He covers firearms I'm very interested in, he's EXTREMELY knowledgeable, he goes into aspects/details of them most other people don't, he actually shoots a lot of the guns and talks about practical aspects of them, all things I love (plus as a fellow Swiss rifle addict, he has some of the best YouTube content on the subject, period)... I just can't stand him for some reason. His whole smarmy, histrionic mien, condescending attitude... he reminds me of your wife's low-T, maybe-gay best friend that she invites to every party/event whom you can't stand but you're forced to be polite to for her sake. That being said, keep the videos coming. If I gotta put up with listening to him to learn some new tidbits about the Mannlicher straight-pulls that I didn't know before, then so be it. Small price to pay.

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    • RocketScientist RocketScientist on Jun 27, 2018

      @Davis Heh, no. (a) I'm not married, nothing to worry about (b) guys like that don't steal anything from anyone (c) when I used to use tobacco in my younger days I was always a twist kinda guy, never cared much for dip (d) I don't know what "truck nutz" are (d) it was a joke.