Sneak Peek: Five Strike Industries Pending Projects

    Five Strike Industries Pending Projects (3)

    Strike Industries – a company that constantly develops great firearm accessories and isn’t afraid of experimenting with new concepts and ideas. This is really one of the few companies that regularly and frequently release new products to the market. If you follow them on social media, then you probably know that they also publish the status reports or teasers of their ongoing projects. In this article, we’ll take a brief look at five Strike Industries projects that are currently in development and will be released soon.

    Strike Mag Project Update

    The company has published an update concerning their AR-15 magazine development. Right now they are evaluating the textures and once it is approved they will start the production.

    Five Strike Industries Pending Projects (5)

    Glock Grip Plug Tool

    This product will be released soon. It is a Glock grip cavity plug that includes a pin punch/screwdriver tool and a provision to store a little amount of oil. This accessory is shown in a video published by Strike Industries (see below).

    Clear Polymer Ultimate Dust Cover

    Among a number of other products, the company also develops a version of their Ultimate Dust Cover (UDC) that is made of a clear polymer.

    Five Strike Industries Pending Projects (4)

    Glock Enhanced Flat Trigger

    Strike Industries has published a couple of images of the upcoming Glock Enhanced Flat Trigger.

    Five Strike Industries Pending Projects (2)

    Here is a quote from the company’s social media pages telling about the features of this product:

    Strike Industries soon to be released GLOCK Improved Flat Trigger.

    Starting at $44.95. Will be available in Black, Red, Blue, & FDE. Stay tuned for more information.

    The flat face offers more surface area to provide optimum finger placement and breaking angle for a more precise trigger pull.

    Does not reduce trigger pull weight. Requires user-supplied fire control group components (trigger bar and housing, etc).

    SIG Sauer P320 Modular Magazine Release

    Last but not least, the company has also released a photo of the SIG P320 magazine release that they are currently developing.

    Five Strike Industries Pending Projects (1)

    Below you can find the specs of this accessory quoted from the Strike Industries Facebook page:

    Exciting news for everyone waiting on the SIG P320 products we’ve been working on!

    Our upcoming SIG P320 Modular Magazine Release. Stainless steel construction. Frame contoured lower profile (2mm) compared to standard magazine release (3mm) for concealed carry. As an option, you can screw in a “flat button” (3mm) which converts the system to an extended magazine release (5mm overall).

    Pricing, release, and compatibility TBD. We’ll update everyone once we have more information.

    Stay tuned to learn about the launch of these products.

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