NEW THUMPER: Black Rain Ordnance BRO Spec-15 .450 Bushmaster

    BRO Spec-15

    Black Rain Ordnance has a tendency for creating the uncommon and unique in regards to the eternally loved AR-15 platform. Being sure as to not deviate from that firmly cemented reputation they have introduced to us a new rifle that is sure to thump anything in its path! They have now announced the new BRO Spec-15 .450 Bushmaster!

    This boasts a lot of higher-end components that are of their own craftsmanship as well as a few pieces from industry headliners. A complete specification listing for the rifle can be read below as presented by Black Rain Ordnance themselves:

    • Receiver – Spec15 Anodized Forged Aluminum Upper/Lower Receiver Set
    • Barrel – 16” Socom Profile 4150 Chromoly Barrel
    • Bolt-Carrier Group (BCG) – Nitride Coated SPEC15 BCG
    • Gas System – Direct Impingement; Low Profile Non-Adjustable Gas Block; Carbine Length
    • Trigger – G.I. Trigger
    • Muzzle Device – .450 BRO Tank Compensator
    • Furniture – G.I. Grip & Magpul MOE Buttstock
    • Handguard – BRO M-LOK Hybrid Handguard
    • Overall Length – 33”
    • Overall Weight – 7 Lbs. 1 Oz.

    BRO Spec-15

    This is a rifle that currently is MSRP’ed out at $1,399 for any consumers who are interested. The BRO Spec-15 in .450 Bushmaster was just announced and unveiled on Black Rain Ordnance’s website this weekend. You have the ability to purchase either the complete rifle or simply just the complete upper from this gun if you are so inclined. The BRO Spec-15 .450 Bushmaster Complete Upper has an MSRP of $849 by itself.

    Black Rain Ordnance provided a short and sweet public statement on the BRO Spec-15 .450 Bushmaster rifle to help tempt shooters to delve into their piggy banks and hopefully buy one of these rifles:

    The Black Rain Ordnance Spec series is a line of AR15 rifles and pistols built to meet bid requirements for law enforcement and military personnel and as an affordable option for civilian use.

    So with this type of price point, the specification listing from above and what you know (or may not know) about Black Rain Ordnance… What do you think? Is this a gun you are going to need in your arsenal? Or is it one that needs to head back to the drawing board? Let us know in the comments below!

    BRO Spec-15

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